Monday, August 26, 2013

What do they snip???

What a busy morning we had yesterday with Karen and her Mum then Gregg and Claire all coming to see me, well sort of. They were really coming to see Robert and Susan and I was in charge of guarding my toys in the kitchen during their visit. I woofed a couple of times just to let them know that I was there in case that they had forgotten about me, and then banged my new bone on the laminate as it makes a big crashing noise so they must have heard that too. My job is to look gorgeous and see them off the premises when they have booked us, well that's what we say but I let them out anyway although they must be mad not to book us as they get to come back and see me again and again!!! Ever since the Adam incident when I got so excited and piddled which came out like a water spout and covered his trousers in wee, Robert has made sure that the clients are all on the other side of the wall just in case. I like meeting them over the wall as I am such a big boy that I can stand up and give them cuddles and still get kisses and pats across the gate too. There was one more person to come but I was getting a bit fed up so Robert took me a big walk down to the sea and left Susan at home to see Pauline herself, but that was alright as I am sure that Susan could manage without me.

We met Ollie on our walk, the windmill puppy, he is even bigger and he still does the windmill thing, but looks more like a giant spider now as his legs are so long and spindly. I saw Ollie through the window of his house the other day and wondered why he was stuck in, but his human explained to Robert that he had been to the vets for 'the snip' and had to let his stitches heal up. When Robert said ''ouch'' when'the snip' was mentioned I knew it couldn't be anything good and I was really pleased when he said that they were not going to do that to me. I tried to listen to see if there was anymore mention of this dreaded snip but Ollie was going berserk and battering me with his spidery legs so it was hard to hear everything but was said. On the way home Robert told me not to worry as Ollie was fine and was still Ollie, there was just a little bit less of him than before.I am sure that if it was important Robert and Susan would have told me about it before, so for now I am just going to try and stop imagining what they snip!!!!

Susan says this is my concerned face, trying to stop my imagination running riot!!
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