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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ August 5, 2013

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano




Divine intervention, and a confluence of cosmic dynamics, force these anti-humans into the fierce unrelenting glare of the spotlight. Get ready to enter a dystopian 'twilight zone'.

This 'time of revelation' will play out on the public stage, and also in your personal life. However, know this: there will be many who choose to remain blind.

They will continue to exist inside the *Truman Show* world they were taught to believe in, and accept. Or, mind control at it's finest.

Meanwhile, many more of us will realize the world is not as advertized, and has NEVER been as advertized. Now, ACTIVISM tsunamis across the globe.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week, the 'Mages of Ages Lost' take their battle to a new, spiritually ferocious level. Brighter than bright, their light blades slash, spin, and whip through the diabolical blackness that has kept humanity helpless, and enslaved to these ages-old, dark-side magicians.

Breaths of fresh magickal air re-enter the world, lifting humanity toward a greater destiny. The return to the old knowledge, the ancient wise ways, now accelerates.

On the personal front, not an easy week for many of us. However, this will likely be a highly productive week for most of us. *Opportunity* is the watchword.

As well, this is an important week to take care of any lingering financial issue you can. Also, update your records. For, there will be some major changes in how the economy works on the near horizon.

On the paranormal front, likely, the big news will revolve around Big Foot evidence. Also, as ghosts appear more frequently, and in a stronger form, paranoia will grip a small portion of the population -- who will be convinced 'demons' are attacking.

While there is a demonic force, and a subset of ancient-upon-ancient entities, this ghost phenomena illustrates the dimensional shift that has been happening for the last decade. However now, the curtain is being pulled wider between the worlds.

On the AWAKENING front, to counter this AWAKENING against them, the VIPERS will intensify their fear-mongering via the tel-lie-vision, and the whole Media Industrial Complex. In a major false-flag move, they will use every Machiavellian trick to convince the public to 'fear' the enemies these black-soul vipers have built, fund, and control.

On the economic front, this week will be a trial for many here, and around the world. As stated before, the Bankster Gangsters know their plundering days are numbered. This means they will begin berserker-grabbing while the grabbing is still good. This, as they prepare to run to their fortress hideouts like rats deserting the ship.

Pension funds will continue to be looted, and the IRS will be used to beat the last drops of prosperity out of the people. Meanwhile, financial scandals continue to rock the world like a series of catastrophic earthquakes.

It is wise to protect yourself, and your loved ones, without compromise in these endtimes.

One of the big trends in the upcoming times, will be the use of outlaw digital currencies. Even with the administration's 'kill switch', and the global, Chinese-style censorship now being incrementally enforced on the internet, there are private networks in operation. And, more are being built. These 'networks' will circumnavigate the 'big boy corporate' cyber world.

On the truth front, TRUTH explodes, a never-ending firestorm of exposure. These revelations ignite the hearts of those who want to create heaven on Mother Earth -- those who want to end the constant, blood-sacrifice wars instigated and fueled by the dark-side cabal.

On the war front, *feeding the fear factor* ... the tactic this week, and for as long as it works on the public. This will be accomplished by lie after deception after lie, all dutifully reported and hyped by the presstitute media.

In the upcoming weeks, there will likely be a shakeup in the administration's Pentagon war machine. This will be due to two factors.

One, within the higher military ranks, there is growing dissent, a growing hatred of what is being done to the people, and, thus, to the country. Major defections have occurred, and will continue. So, will the assassinations, both character assassinations, and 'bang-bang, you're dead' assassinations.

Two, a new policy by the administration will so infuriate the rank and file in the military, desertions will skyrocket. No surprise, this will be covered up. Currently, the real numbers of troops deserting are already being kept out of the public eye.

In the Middle East war theater, chaos continues its bloodletting rule. Russia, and their allies, will make a series of countermoves that causes more of a stalemate. Meanwhile, scandals-corruption inside Israel will shake the country to its core.

There *could be* an unexpected, surprise event in one of the war-conflict theaters. However, this has not fully formed.

On the tyranny-at-work front, this week will be notable for the implementation of martial law by stealth, as well as by public decree. The VIPERS among us strike now because they have no choice. They've been losing ground to the groundswell of liberty lovers.

On the communication front, 'a chilling affect' on just plain ole regular communications between all of us ... that's 'one' goal of the NSA 'spy on everyone' bullies. This will ultimately backfire as the 'inventive ones' offer new tech ways to circumvent the dark-side spy masters.

On another communications front, telepathy takes a giant leap forward in the human population. This will include the ability to mentally communicate with animals, as well. Pay attention to the stories people tell about 'talking' with their pets.

On the home front, a difficult week, and month ahead. Conflict rages in several backwoods area of the country. This 1776-like rebellion is being kept hidden from the people, replaced by Circus Circus entertainments, and the propaganda ploy that the homeland is under eminent attack.

Meanwhile, an island close to Detroit is slated to become a dark-side, corporatist headquarters, where these serpent vampires are immune to any kind of prosecution.

On the food front, the ACTIVISM campaign against Monsanto, and similar frankenfood monopolies, only ramps up, and superstorms across the planet. As the year progresses, country after country will reject GM/GMO crops. Also, there will be a rejection of widespread pesticide use, in part to save the bees.

On the land changes front, *sinkholes* now happen regularly all over the planet. Here are two headlines from this past week.

HEADLINE: Sinkhole Takes On "Volcano-Like" Quality: Is This More Proof That The Louisiana Sinkhole Is Actually A Volcano?

HEADLINE: Massive Sinkhole, Getting Bigger, Swallows Pasture in Kansas

The Great Lion Star, our sun, continues to lash the atmosphere with CME particles that help Mother Earth mend, and change into her new form.

Crisis flooding continues worldwide, and droughts intensify. The East Coast is still in danger of a catastrophic event, especially the NYC area.

The firestorm wars are ongoing in the western half of the country. However, intervention by the White Hat forces will stop some of them, and mitigate other wildfire outbreaks.

Earthquakes keep shaking the planet, and will gradually become bigger and badder -- with two severe quakes likely in the near future. Volcanos now spring up like mushrooms, especially on the ocean floor. As a result the oceans warm significantly, causing a constant change in the weather patterns.

On the energy front, according to the behind-the-scenes testimony of robotic engineers, we should all be living like queens and kings at this point in history. The cheap-enough, green tech exists, but has been suppressed.

Instead, humanity is being forced, day-by-day, to exist in a fake world of serf-like austerity. The new world order criminals don't want the competition. For, they would be the only kings.

On the really bad news front, this week, there could be a game-changing event that rocks the world. However, there are GOOD forces working against this sinister attack against humanity.

Also, the economy will worsen in significant ways -- courtesy of the dark-side cabal -- causing hopelessness and despair. Sadly, more loss of life will be the result.

On the good news front, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and it's not a runaway train. The fighting spirit rises in humankind.

Many become activists, and take the dark-side bull by the horns. These new fierce activists demand change -- changes that will truly make a difference for ALL.

On the global mafia cabal front, the major split that has formed between factions has grown wider. Yet, at the same time, there has been a working reconciliation because of recent defeats that have stalled their complete global takeover.

There is a new enemy on the horizon, one the dark-side cabal has no clue about. To explain further would give it away, except to say 'look toward the heavens'.

On the heroine front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET:14-year-old teen GMO activist schools ignorant TV host on human rights, food labeling ~ "Mike Adams | Her name is Rachel Parent, and she's suddenly an internet sensation for her cool-headed debate about GMOs."

On the hero front, One of the Brave Ones, Marvin Home of Raisin Valley Farms. This Raisin Renegade is battling for his right to be free and independent of regulations designed to 'legally' steal from farmers. Website:

On the freedom front, the rise of 'Old West rugged individualism' continues at a rapid pace. More and more people get ornery about their rights, and they don't back down.

However, this is not about a brainless and brutal confrontation with the establishment enemy. This is about fighting smart. Real smart.

Trendwise, wisdom, truth, and beauty emerge anew within the mass AWARENESS of humanity. This will be recognized in the soaring rise of the arts -- in the expression of the artistic soul.

Radical new ideas of how to live life to the fullest, now sweep across the world. Much of this will be about how to create a just society, where the concept of money no longer rules.

However, this movement is NOT about the 'cashless' society the bankster gangsters want to use as a way to control humanity.

To determine what undermines humankind, and what uplifts us ALL, discernment is your best ally. That, and your own 'inner knowing'.

This week live as if you are a rose bud about to open and bloom. For, life will caress you like the softest, loveliest breeze.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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