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Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya episode 5

I am alive folks!!!! One week later and I post woohoo!!!! I spent 3 wonderful and busy days doing things around Disney World and then it was back to work. One day the washing machine (at our house) broke which was disaster considering how many things we wore on the trip. So there went one day of blogging. Then you know..I needed to go grocery shopping and put said house back together. Then I got the bright idea to brush and clean Duffy in which I injured him and I spent the whole night being mopey panda. Poor Duffy. Worst wands ever. But now it is time to blog stuff folks. I got a list of episode I need to catch up on. XX I am going to have a very busy Sunday. For now her is Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya episode 5. I meant to blog this and have it up before the trip but we needed to do some shopping beforehand and POOF it was Friday. Spoilers for Saber being the most amazing character ever. Giving you some side eye folks. Episode Summary: After a brief recap because we are all fish Illya and Miyu look on in horror as Rin and Luvia are splatted on the ground by an unknown opponent. It's Saber but they never mention her name so you know....Illya and her full heart of love and friendship wants to rescue the girls with no plan. Miyu points out they are the only hope Rin and Luvia have so they better think this out. Illya suggests using the cards to power Miyu up. It is explained that the cards have a reboot time thus Lancer is out. Archer has been deemed useless, Rider isn't good with one target (?), and since they just caught Castor it would be dangerous to use her. After all those excuses are explained Miyu explains there are two bad options. Illya agrees that they both suck but they go with Miyu drawing the attacks while Illya drags the older girls away. Miyu takes off but has to limit her attacks because Saber is close to said girls. It doesn't matter anyway as all attacks are useless against Saber. It is later explained Saber has pure mana circling her thus...something. Miyu's attacks are pushed back on her plus Saber powers up and does her own attacks. Miyu isn't doing so hot and it doesn't help when Illya draws attention to herself. A lot of attention before she can even move to help Rin and Luvia. Illya is nearly blasted to bits even though Miyu tries getting the attention back on her. Despite Saber moving very slow Illya just sits there on the ground looking shocked that her arm is bleeding. Yes this is real (anime) life. Miyu gets more injured trying to protect Illya and concluded the girl is losing the will to fight. Ruby....please say something uplifting. Is that possible? Desperately trying to think of a plan...Rin and Luvia very slowly get up. They have matching wounds but that doesn't seem to slow them down as they insult each other until they reach a standing position. They pull out their guns....I mean gems and start blasting Saber. This get the attention off Illya and Miyu. Even with their gems it is clear Saber is the most powerful enemy ever and measures need to be taken before everything gets splattered. Ruby and Sapphire seem really against it but decide there is no choice. Rin and Luvia are looking pretty upset when Illya and Miyu.......dramatically throw wands that are able to fly towards the other two girls. Rin and Luvia transform into magical girls (cats?) under guest circumstances. Illya notes this whole thing is embarrassing while Luvia focuses on mostly magic attacks. Rin turns Ruby into a sword and does physical attacks. Rin and Luvia exchange insults the entire time they are battling. They try to find Saber's weaknesses. Miyu thinks they work well together while Illya is like pick me out a coffin. Finally Luvia's preparations are done and Saber steps on a magical land mine. She is pushed back and it is revealed while Rin was fighting (ungracefully) Luvia pulled a Castor and set a huge magical spell in the sky. Yay smirky faces. THE END! That is Tenchi blowing up after work. @@ I have to work 11 hours alone today (at the time this was written) to make up for the fact I am going out of town. Surely I shall die. Or not. I wrote the entire summary with only one customer coming in. Me thinks the mornings are much slower than the afternoon. I got shafted. Still hope it is a slow day all around. Wish I had brought my notebook. Stupid computer paper. :( Were you trying to attack me or something? So anyway...Saber is looking pretty bad ass. Or Ruby and Sapphire suck as magical wands. Please be detecting the danger better. I didn't think the girls were going to attack her this episode. I thought it would be more dodge and run. Of course I don't understand why they didn't just close the Mirror World. Perhaps it was not explained well but...they closed the world when they ran from Castor last time yes? So why not do it now? Make a huge circle and include all the girls? Saber was standing still for quite a while when the girls were discussing the plan. Bleh who needs logic. Time to sell more Saber figurines. And neither are that great woohoo! Illya and Miyu have been magical girls for 9 minutes but already work together well. Or compliment each other. Illya wants to use her passion to get out of situations while Miyu is the thinker. Together they make up a 20 year old girl with no change of winning YAY! So yes Illya calm it down and yes Miyu realize this is a bad situation which means it is a perfect time to panic. The wants need to help out more obviously. All I hear is blah blah bullshit. I was kinda rolling my eyes at the Cards though. I mean...I guess Lancer having to recharge makes sense. Or maybe more so Miyu since the mana comes from the user. But surely there was a way to make Archer less useless. Fire some spirit arrow. Rider would have been better than nothing. And hello Castor was pretty damn powerful. Who cares that you haven't used it yet. Use the secret weapon! All in all it sounded like a whole lot of excuses to make the girls more desperate than they had to be. Why are you walking?! Miyu seems to take the lead a lot. She is more powerful I suppose. But why the hell was Miyu in the sky and Illya RUNNING to the girls? I felt like Illya was running forever and getting nowhere fast. Fly girl fly. Or why don't you be the bait and Miyu does the rescuing? Bleh. Either way....Illya is special. Miyu was doing her best but when your opponent is that strong and you have been a magical girl for 10 minutes ain't going to work out. Especially since Saber is tanked up. She has like 10 MapleStory Boosts on. Got a mana shield, strong attack, and can reflect attacks back on others. All that had technical wording but you know me. Now was Saber moving slow because she is slow or because Miyu was such an easy opponent she didn't need to move as fast? I am capable of feeling pain?! I was going to snark Illya for her meltdown over a scratch. But it's like 8 am (or was) and I am AT work so it's too early to snark. Plus wouldn't that be like snarking Sailor Moon? My homegirl Sailor Moon skinned her knee episode one and cried and cried. I mean Illya thinks this magical girl stuff is like an anime (haha). I guess experiencing real pain brought her back down to reality. Sorta like how teenagers think their invincible until someone or themselves gets seriously hurt doing something stupid. So...yeah. I hate getting stuck with needles. Cry on Illya. FOLLOW THE PLAN! You have to feel bad for Miyu though. She is like stick to the plan, follow the plan! I think she is okay with the numbers idea. Like well I might die but I can save three others doing it. Just that Illya hasn't gotten that memo yet and wants everyone to win and live! Live together to eat ice cream and chips. Illya is getting beat up all over the place but is trying hard. Saber is just way too strong. Should have waited your turn Saber, let the girls fight easier opponents to get their confidence up. How dare you not follow the rules! Look how fabulous we are.....mere seconds after almost death. Eventually Rin and Luvia pull themselves off the ground. Bickering of course. Just a power nap folks. Even though they looked pretty injured. Rin and Luvia were set to battle right away. I would have been like give me a second to locate the sky. I find that watching anime makes me think I wouldn't be good at anything...magic wise. XD But these girls got up and started throwing magical bombs all over the place. Like budget, what budget? We got an enemy to defeat. I like how Saber would just cock her head and look. Like more people who want to die? Sounds like fun to me. They are ALIVE. That is all that matters to the wands. Of course this was not enough. Despite Rin and Luvia being mages it isn't enough to counter the amazingness that is Saber and her never ending stream of merchandise. Again why wasn't running away an option? Since both Miyu and Illya were safe from attacks? That would be too easy? Thought so. Instead the younger girls looked on in awe and realization something else needed to be done. Again these wands have the unusefulness. It is time to release the secret weapon! SEE! They are super cute. Luvia and Rin look cute as magical girls. I don't know what everyone else is talking about. Haters to the left. Or the right. Wherever the ditch is. But yes guest hosts as magical girls animals. Too bad Saber can't show emotion in this form. :( Like WTF face, how many damn magical girls are there? Or there could have been some sweatdrops as Saber had to listen to all that chatter. Seriously folks. What the hell was that? How could Rin and Luvia even concentrate with all that nonsense going on? Back and forth. Like look at the enemy in front of you. I get that they have a love/hate relationship going on but this is slightly overkill. Rin attacking like this was surprising. I guess it doesn't matter what I think though. Despite all that chatter Rin and Luvia fought well together. I thought Rin would have more magical attacks though. I understand there was magic in it, just flashy. I wouldn't go as far as Ruby though. Luvia had it pretty much covered in the sparkle department. With two equal opponents Saber wasn't as effective. Since that wasn't the plan with Illya and Miyu they failed. Don't be down on yourselves girls. You have been magical girls for 15 minutes now. You will get the hang of it by the hour know when the last car is caught and you have to give the wands back. We look amazing. So this will surely fail. The episode ends with Luvia revealing Rin and her sword antics were all a way to buy time. Magic circles in the sky! Looks like a lot of overkill. Given how confident Rind and Luiva look I predict the spell won't work, leaving Miyu and Illya to get them out of there as Saber is much too strong. Then Miyu and Illya will bond by promising to become stronger together. Rin and Luvia will blame each other and Berserker will be like why do me and Assassin get left out of everything MOG??!?!?!?!? Until next time....
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