Saturday, August 24, 2013

Little Bit Of Ireland

"We do not hate, we never curse,Nor spoke a foeman's wordAgainst a man in Ireland nursed,Howe'er we thought he erred.So start not, Irish-born man! If you're to Ireland true,We heed not race, nor creed, nor clan-We've hearts and hands for you."

This is the best poetic book I have ever read next to Beowulf!! So full of tales, lessons and lyrics, that I hope to one day memorize and recite. Why, I have every mind to turn some of the poems into real songs, that is, if I was advanced in music!

I love reading about Irish history and myths. Not to mention the Celts, Vikings, Berserkers, Anglo Saxons and Norman. I know I don't have any Irish or Scandinavian blood in me, So reading about that kind of stuff makes me feel like I'm one of them!

But I'll tell you this, If I ever find out that one person, just one person in my whole line of family was Irish, Scottish or Scandinavian, I WILL count myself as one too.
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