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Movie Review 22: The Worlds End

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Holy Mother-fathering Snitzel! Somehow Edgar wright has made yet another awesome movie. I've been saying over and over that this guy is by far my favorite Director in existence. He's made a total of 4 movies (plus a TV show I love too) and all of them are awesome. Scott pilgrim and Shaun of the Dead are my top 2 of all time and Hot Fuzz is just out of my Top 5 at number 6. And here comes world's end, Easily my favorite movie of the year, beating the awesome Los Ultimos Dios (the Last Days) and Pacific Rim for my top spot. Holy Wowzers!

So, Before I gush too much, I'm just gonna pop into the Review. I'll try to Keep the spoilers to a minimum.

MOVIE REVIEW: The World's End


First off, the writing is fantastic, there is tons of foreshadowing and what felt like millions of rapid fire jokes. I love when a movie Focuses their energy on fast jokes and doesn't just fire the same joke at you once over and over.

Yes, that was a stab at This is the End, and Family Guy.

The World's End had a great array of jokes coming from all sorts of different places. Whether it's sight gags like a Head popping off or a character forgetting what WTF stands for, the jokes were all hits. Never did i groan at one of the jokes. None of the characters broke character to make a joke.

("Take your hand of my mother humping junk" ring a bell?)

The Intro Perfectly sets up the rest of the movie, much like the way Ed Lists out all the drinks in Shaun and that sets up all of Shaun. the Prologue introduces all of the characters and all the locations that will eventually come into the story, as well as setting up when certain characters would bow out of the race and when some fights will happen.

And Speaking of fights, the fight choreography was amazing, the Bathroom fight and the 'table leg' fight, (sorry I honestly cant remember which bar is which for a lot of them, I think it's the Beehive but I could be wrong.) Edgar wright learned a lot in Scott pilgrim and he brought the same fast paced fighting to this. Watching the blue blood flow was awesome. and the smooth one shot fight scene in the Bathroom was amazing, not all one shot but there's a point where it is a solid uninterrupted fight with people being de-armed and decapitated all at the same time. awesome.

I love Simon Pegg, as anyone who reads this blog knows. He's solidified himself as my favorite actor, and his Fast talking conmanish Gary King was great. I loved how he can deliver these long complex lines in single takes. Was an odd twist to have him as the man child with Nick frost as the straight guy.

Nick frost was good too, particularly when he gets drunker and goes berserk. The Start of the Beehive fight was awesome and him as a Tank was cool.

Paddy Considine is a fun actor, Don't see him in much but i love him every time. I enjoyed him as the 'rival' to Gary and he somehow kept up with the manic pacing pretty well.

Martin Freeman was great, I've fallen in love with him over the last year, whether it's Hobbit or Sherlock he continues to impress me as an actor and I loves some of his lower facial expressions, to those that have seen it you know what i mean.

Eddie marsan is the only one of the main five I didn't really know going into the movie and he kinda gets lost in the shuffle of the other four. Which is a shame but I liked him as the quiet guy.

Rosamund Pike is Great too, Nice to see her and Pierce Brosnan in a movie together again.

Screw all of you, I liked Die Another Day.

And how many of you Caught Rafe Spall as the home Buyer?

also I wanna throw out the cool Spaced Cameos, Mark Heap (Bryan), Marsha, Tires, Probably more I'll catch on my second viewing. Tomorrow...

And Did I mention 'bloody mary's' Cameo in the opening scene with the AA like group?


Honestly, I can barely come up with anything. No Jessica Stevenson? err Jessica Hynes. (daisy from Spaced) I am having a very Hard time coming up with a negative, but I feel to be even remotely fair I have to say something. Uhhhhhhh, I didn't catch an Edgar Wright Cameo?

God, even Last days had a real Negative, the bear, but this, I cant come up with one. The end came out of left field, but I loved it so, want to go on a pub crawl now?

Yes, that's my Negative. I want to go on a pub crawl, But I live in Sterling heights, and there are no bars remotely worth going to around here. Anyone want to go to Britain with me?


I promised back in my This is the End review I'd do a comparison with this and Hands down this wins. The humor in This is the End was absolutely Juvenile compared to this. I mean how many Dick jokes can you make before it just gets boring.

Thats not an Unhung hero Joke. I'm too big for that...

That was an unhung hero joke.

World's end just had awesome joke after awesome joke and great action after great action, This is the End had 5 grown adults threatening to ejaculate on each other then Channing Tatum humping Danny mcbride. I'll pick World's End.

And honestly, I don't see why the two are so closely associated, this Didn't really have an Apocalypse movie feel to It, this was about 5 friends getting wasted and reliving old times....wait, that sounds kinda the same. Anyway, I will always pick British humor over American humor. and yeah I know that make me weird but right now I'm looking forward to Ant Man more than the avengers 2 simply because it's Edgar wright.

Personally I'm not sure where World's End will place in my Top movies list, I'm sure it'll be high but it's too early to place it yet, I'd say it's up with Cabin in the Woods for sure, Cabin being my favorite movie of 2012, closely followed by the Raid.

Final Verdict: 98

Almost perfect, Nothing detracting from it I'm just not quite ready to give a perfect 100 score yet. But I damn well want to.

So there's that! An almost perfect score, and to show how Goddamn excited I was for this movie, a teaser of what I was Wearing to the show

Goodnight Everyone!
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