Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fate/Zero S2


I must say, that this anime is quite ambitious in what it's trying to achieve. Multiple narratives of the characters who are involved in the Holygrail are shown and their interactions. In my opinion, it's done not terribly, but there definitely are some disjointed scenes especially Kiritsugu's backstory.


I don't know if it's just me, but I find this whole thing somewhat jarring tbh... even though I loved playing through FSN. It's probably caused from Fate Zero being more dark in its atmosphere but having the chuuni (oh no buzz word) stuff just like FSN just killed it. I mean, FSN is more like battle shounen, although technically they are both seinen; let's just say that FSN has elements that are commonly found in shounen.

Woah, it seems like I'm getting nowhere. The point I'm trying to make is that FSN had right atmosphere for all the magic and explosions, but then in Fate Zero, the magic stuff portrayed in more realistic environment doesn't really fit.

Another comparison I'd like to make is the dramatic climax. It's quite easy to tell what part is the climax in FSN because it's just Shirou screaming. But in fate zero, it's more like the audience is told on what occurred with no emotion. I didn't feel any tension except that fight between Kotomine and Kirei (gif below)

Gotham City lel

But then maybe it's just me. With most of the characters dying off I sorta stopped caring about the deaths after Sola-ui and Kayneth's death.

Well actually, I did care about some characters, except none of them died lololololololol they are:

Waver because the parents and the character in generalKotomine Kirei because of his journey of having funRin cuz im a rinfag

yea... furthermore I couldn't understand some characters' motives at all. I do get their objectives, but WHY TO THAT EXTENT??? The only easily understandable one is Waver with his late teenage angst on trying to show off. I did get somewhat for certain characters but Kariya's case was NOPE. I actually didn't understand his actions from the beginning to the end.

Some good characterisation ESPECIALLY Kotomine Kirei. I laughed out at the irony of giving the Azoth dagger to Rin and DAT SMIRK HOLYJESUS because later on he gets killed by that dagger lol mad.

Something I found weird was that I couldn't sympathise with Saber at all this time around, which I surprisingly did in Fate route.

Anyway, some trainwrecky (berserker wut, aoi san wut) moments but it still makes a good back story leading up to the Fate/Stay Night.

Oh and forgettable OP and ED. Decent animation, loved the art style.

Kara no Kyoukai is better than Fate/Zero IMO.

8/10 I gave an extra point just because it being a prequel of FSN
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