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Series 'of the Month'

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RWBY (pronounced Ruby) is an original western style anime, produced by Rooster Teeth (who are famed for their Red vs Blue series). This web-series is created by Rooster Teeth's Monty Oum.

RWBY is a relatively new series, with only 8 episodes currently released as of this post. Each episode lasts for 4 to 12min.

I personally really love this series. The characters are seriously really awesome and well thought out.

Ruby, Image courtesy of the RWBY Wiki

You have Ruby, who is the leader of team "RWBY". She is described as being "innocent" and a "little sister". She can be naive and childish in nature. And yes, her weapon of choice is the "Crescent Rose" which is practically a massive Scythe with a Sniper Rifle attached to it.

Weiss, Image courtesy of the RWBY Wiki

You have Weiss, who is a member of team "RWBY". She is practically a bitch. However this is suspected to be due to her upbringing in some way; everything has been decided for her. This may be because of the fact she's heiress to the Schnee Dust Company. Her weapon of choice is the "Myrtenaster" which is a Rapier in which she draws her abilities from (practically magic).

Blake, Image courtesy of the RWBY Wiki

You have Blake, who is a member of team "RWBY". She's mellow in personality. She's open, calm and not afraid to speak her mind. Other than that, I don't know much about her. Hopefully more of her character is revealed as the series goes on.

Yang, Image courtesy of the RWBY Wiki

You have Yang, who is also a member of team "RWBY". This is the character everyone seems to love, and rightly so. She's straight forward and confident. One entertaining factor, damage her hair and she goes berserk.

Then you have the other team, comprised of Jaune, Nora, Pyrrha, and Lie Ren. Oddly enough, I'm more interested in the story of these guys rather than the main 4.

Pyrrha and Jaune, Image courtesy of the RWBY Wiki

Lie Ren and Nora, Image courtesy of the RWBY Wiki

Anyway, most importantly, go watch RWBY right meow:

While we're at it, Rooster Teeth's website:

Oh, they have an AWESOME sound track that you should so listen to:

* Red Like Roses:

* Mirror Mirror:

* From Shadows:

* I Burn:

* This Will Be the Day:
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