Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Stay with me on this one...

One of the biggest arguments my mom (and other people) always give about giving up meat is, "well since the "caveman times" humans have been eatin' meat" (I imagine this with a hick's-southern accent). Use some logic here people. Cavemen and even people up until the early 20th century (and still today), have hunted their OWN meat. They have raised their OWN farm animals and slaughtered the animal that they raised. But nowadays, for most people in America, that is no longer the case. Why do people think it is okay to mass murder another species? I don't understand it. Why have people become so heartless? Why do people not care that another species is suffering? I think I know why. Because they've decided it's a hell of a lot easier to believe that a pig and a cow "don't have brains" and "don't recognize pain", than to make a big change in their life. Why would you think that? Is there any conclusive evidence out there that indicates that these animals don't have intelligence OR feel pain? Or, maybe you (like many people I know) genuinely DO NOT CARE that another species is suffering or feeling pain. Okay, well A. that is the most unloving, un-Christian, un-evolved, unintelligent way of thinking. B. just because you are smarter than other species doesn't mean you're entitled to TAKE ADVANTAGE of it, exploit it, and OWN it and C.It is your duty as the more intelligent species to protect the lesser species!

Imagine this: Just imagine if an alien species that was MUCH more intelligent and evolved than us came and started to colonize on earth. Imagine if they started using us puppets? Putting us in cages? What if they found us tasty??? Imagine concentrated camps of humans being herded into rooms to be destroyed by the thousands. Imagine they would pump the women and men full of hormones forcing them to reproduce baby after baby as fast as possible. Then as soon as the baby was born, it was taken from them because some of the aliens liked to eat human baby; but they call it something tasty like baby parmesan.

But wait, it gets worse. One of these aliens' favorite things in the world is human breast milk. Years ago an alien commission told the alien race that the key to alien longevity is thru the consumption of human milk and so that's what they believe. They use it in EVERYTHING they eat. They've gone berserk for this stuff and need an endless amount of it. They can't go one day without it. They feed it to their young, they use it in their holiday alien celebrations, and it has become a staple in their diet. So, they began holding women in crates while her baby nurses from her breasts thru a cage while they lay on her bleeding side.They hook up the human women to machines and start pumping them. As soon as their breasts get low, they give them hormones to produce more. Even when their nipples become hurting, and infected, they keep the pumps on. The women are miserable and in pain. They cry out for help but the Aliens don't understand human language nor do they care to understand it. All they want is more milk. They don't care that the human is suffering; as long as they get their milk. They turn a blind eye away from the suffering and go on their day to day business ignoring and not caring about that is happening. MORBID? YES! It is morbid, it's horrible! It's disgusting. The thought of this is disgusting but please stay with me on this.

A couple of alien farms are treating the humans nicely and so they get offended with allegations that they're treating the humans poorly. But they are not really the ones I care about right now; I'm concerned with the ones that ARE treating the humans poorly.

Then once they've drained our body of the milk, stripped our body of the meat, they throw us into a boiling pot to use our leftover remains for everything else they need and want. They throw these remains in with their makeup, jello, pill coverings, furniture, lotions, and more!

The aliens are smarter than humans so they feel entitled to own, control, use, and exploit us for their every need. They didn't see us as worthy of rights. They didn't see us as worthy of compassion. They just went along their merry way, ignoring all of this, and went to buy some more human based products.

Listen, right now, vegetarianism and vegan-ism are both deeply impactful in changing the world and making it a better place. I take the issue with a realistic perspective. Realistically it is very hard to reach out to people to get them to stop eating meat. I WANT that to happen, so the positivity is there, but I know that is the reality. Think of a world that is creating only organic foods. A world that is creating meat from animals that are humanely raised, fed, and killed. We can feed the planet with organic foods and humanely raised livestock. BUT NONE OF THIS CAN TAKE PLACE UNLESS THE AMOUNT OF MEAT AND DAIRY WE CONSUME IS DECREASED BY AN ENORMOUS PERCENTAGE, FIRST.The human race will prosper and thrive when the collective mass consciousness of human spirits/souls is consuming their mass quantities of food from a more loving and more positive energy source!

Knowing that your meal came from the earth and not from another living being that had to suffer or be killed is a very satisfying thing. I feel truly happy and grateful when I eat a meal and know it did not have to come from the pain of another.

Keep in mind this entire blog is not even delving into the subject of how meat and dairy adversely affects our health; stay tuned for that in another blog! =)

Everything is in this world is made up of energy. Energy transfers and moves from place to place. The environment that the MAJORITY of livestock is being raised in around the world today is a negative, poor, sad energy. And look at the state of the world today; a lot of it is negative, poor, and sad. The world can become a better place if we take gradual steps to make it better! Baby steps! When we consume meat and dairy that comes from this type of environment, the negative energy is going into our body. This negative energy eventually boroughs its way into our genetic makeup and thus we have the seemingly never ending health crisis overtaking us today.

Next time you are at the grocery store, please consider getting Earth Balance vegan margarine for your mashed potatoes and some unsweetened/unflavored Almond milk for your cereal and coffee.Try using a little bit of olive oil when you fry up something (rather than butter). You can get all the calcium you need from Almond milk and don't need all that yogurt and cottage cheese for your probiotics and calcium. Please consider going without meat on some of your meals this week. Start by making a few vegetarian meals each week.

Together we can make a difference in this world. Thank you for reading and love and peace to all of you.
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