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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ August 26, 2013

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Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano



THE TIME OF THE GREAT GEOLOGICAL SHIFTS ARE UPON US ... faster now, the Earth will readjust herself, her mantle. While some of these land changes will appear 'overnight', many of these *shifts* will be slow, giving populations time to relocate when necessary.

On the land changes front, *as featured in last week's forecast* ACCELERATION is the word for the rest of the year, 2013. Volcanoes, earthquakes, superstorms, sinkholes, massive flooding, massive drought, get ready! Likely there will also be two major tsunamis.

Meanwhile, the sun, the Great Lion Star, goes into vibrational chaos, snaking 'coronal mass ejections'. Essentially the sun has been poisoned by cosmic-particle events far, far away... and by the transit of several celestial bodies that are currently being hidden from the public.

This solar chaos is being mitigated by the Benevolent Force. However, if the sun's energies become too unbalanced, the Earth 'could' be hit by dangerous CMEs. One forewarning would be the gov-elite evacuation of D.C., and another vacation far from the white house.

Also, take notice, if there is a huge increase in air traffic -- commercial, military, and private planes. This means those in the know are retreating to their underground palatial complexes. In the event of any uprising and/or catastrophe, natural or manmade, this is dark-side cabal's plan.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week, the 'Mages of Ages Lost' slit the belly of the beast with their mighty light blades, exposing treachery beyond the belief of most. Those with the eyes to see these 'revelations' will take immediate action to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Meanwhile, the black magicians retreat, and conjure their shadow poisons to cover their vilest deeds. They use their 'ancient of ancient' binding powers to keep the public 'unawakened'

On the personal front, *vigilance* becomes the key word from this point forward. As times darken, and the economy continues to tank into an unknown abyss, a higher level of vigilance is required to keep yourself, and your loved ones safe. Take every precaution.

Who to trust? When to trust? Now becomes a higher priority than ever before. This is where your 'inner knowing' ... your internal radar system will become your best friend. Keep naturally activating your intuition, your paranormal abilities. Likely, this week you'll notice a sharpening of your powers.

On the paranormal front, from a previous forecast: "As ancient history continues to reveal itself, the paranormal becomes the normal. That is, creatures thought to be mythical will be proven to be real, as has been stated before. For now, the records are being truthfully decoded, and cannot be kept hidden for much longer."

HEADLINE: Unidentified 13ft-long sea monster with horns washes up on beach in Spain and has marine biologists stumped; MATCHES WITH ANCIENT MARINERS ACCOUNTS-With its horns, long white body and slithery form, it looks like a mythical beast

On the economic front, bad news will likely dominate this week... that is, interspersed with the 'economy is turning around'. However, there are several bankster gangster plans in the works to continue fleecing the sheeple, and stuff their elite hides with more wealth.

This may look like hack attacks against the banks and/or various financial instituations. Manipulations of the stock markets will most likely be off the charts for the next two weeks. Also, the worldwide gold-metal wars could take wild twists and turns.

At this point, anything you can tangibly purchase that goes toward your welfare -- or would be a good trade/barter item -- this is to your long-term advantage. Watch for those really good deals, and *watch out* for the bigtime scams that are increasing by the day, especially via the internet.

Also, there 'could be' a major international event that will rock the world economy.

On the truth front, with megawatt megaphones TRUTH circles the globe while FREEDOM is beat out of the people by the stormtrooper minions who serve the new world order criminals. Most of this will NOT be televised.

On the DIVINE truth front, the Golden Way of Truth arrives. This is a new way of living where a higher truth prevails, and life is heart-centered. As the Aquarian Age vibes increase more of us will gravitate toward this 'peace warrior' lifestyle.

On the war front, complexities rule the world stage. Bottom line: turn the entire Middle East into a Gladiatorial arena, a mass killing field where few are left standing after the battle of the bombs, and the bio-warfare ... that is, the diabolical strategy of the dark viper controllers.

However, 'interventions' are happening, especially behind the proverbial scenes. Ferocious reprisals will occur for whatever 'war evil' is done against the innocent. This will look like 'exposure', or revealing the elite psychopaths for who and what they are. Then, justice follows.

On the tyranny-at-work front, from a prior forecast: "rises the darkness to show itself off, and make the people cower. The once-hidden snakes slither from their evil holes, armed with their devastating 'deathstar like' technologies."

This dark force now BLASTS across the planet, bringing forth its leviathan legions of soul-lost soldiers to wreak havoc, and slaughter the idea of FREEDOM. So it begins.

On the AWAKENING front, as the dark soulless ones grab for humanity's collective soul, many of us soar higher on the enormous glistening wings of a larger AWAKENING.

This will look like collective activism. It will look like people banding together and standing together for each other. It will look like good-hearted communities coming together, where the content of your character is the key that allows entry... and where, everyone will be valued.

On the communication front, *likely* this week 'communications' from the so-called ~mainstream~ media will break down in a major way. How this plays out is not certain. There could be hacker interventions and/or CME strikes from the sun. Or, any number of breakdowns, some of them likely hidden.

Notice too, where there are communication breakdowns in your personal life. Take a step back... take a deep breath... then, look for what will work to communicate clearly.

On the home front, CHANGES! That will be the theme of this week, and next month. Good changes. Bad changes. Beautiful changes. Ugly changes. It's all here. It's all at once.

The canvas of America will be splattered, painted by a mishmash of outrageous colors, a confusing chaos of paint that is formless and harsh.

Likely, in the near future, the riots begin. Larger migrations begin out of the major cities.

Also, the 'swamp fox' resistance rises fast and furious. This triggers martial-law sweeps against the innocent to 'frighten and quiet-en' the people.

On the food front, at this time, there will be a huge desertion of the BIG CORP food sellers. Many more us will purchase from local vendors/farmers, and from each other.

Oink Juice instead of Orange Juice, watch out. HEADLINE-SNIPPET ~ "Store-Bought Oranges and OJ may Soon Contain Pig Genes ~ In order to combat crop-destroying bacteria, scientists are creating GMO oranges that will contain pig genes!"

On the energy front, now activism against 'smart meters' ramps up. With more revelations about how these 'smart meters' really work, and the affects on health, many of us angrily rise, and say NO.

Strange energies this week from the cosmos will cause moments of 'what was I thinking about?' Afterward, leaps in understanding and AWARENESS will occur. Simply pay attention.

On the really bad news front, as the economy continues its death march, the overall population suffers more devastating situations. Areas in California now go the way of Detroit.

Also, the tax man cometh with a vengeance. This will be quickly met with a similar force, as people rebel against the injustice.

On the good news front, self-sufficiency becomes a swiftly growing movement, even though actual implementation will be a more gradual process, as stated last week. However, there has been a jump in the timeline, and this allows for faster development.

Also, there is a rise in off-the-system undermarkets with good products. As well, ingenious ways to create and use new currencies are on the scene, and growing. Head's up.

On the global mafia cabal front, it's all-out war between the banking factions, as they battle each other to berserker-grab every last available asset. This will look like stranger-than-strange gyrations in the stock markets, and the 'retirement' of some of the corp big-boys.

On the heroine front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Over 100 women take up arms in Mexico to defend community ~ Vida Latina | Women trying to fend off organized crime groups."

On the hero front, IN MEMORIAM: "Colonel Bowman, the National Commander of the non-partisan veterans organization The Patriots whose motto is "Follow the Constitution. Honor the Truth. Serve the People.", was well known nationally and internationally as the Pentagon insider who courageously blew the whistle in the early 1980's on the U.S. government's plans to use as an offensive "first-strike" weapon the "Star Wars" missile defense system which he had directed during much of the 1970's.Dr. Bowman's efforts led to his self-published book on the matter in 1985 entitled "Star Wars: Defense or Death Star?"." News snippet from

On the freedom front, FREEDOM beats fiercely within the hearts of the people worldwide, as stated in last week's forecast. Now, the flames of liberty become a bright new phoenix on the wing, heralding the world to come -- if humanity stays the course.

Another step toward real financial freedom... on the near horizon there COULD be a mass movement against the piled-to-the-moon mortgage fraud, now eating a lot of us alive... and devouring the economy in beast-huge bites.

Further, Freedom Lives: HEADLINE-SNIPPET ~ "State Police Who Arrested Protesters Last Week, Back Off This Week ~ | Infowars is pleased to report that police abstained from harassing protesters this time around."

Trendwise, reporting UFOS, this trend takes over the world as sightings continue nonstop. HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Indian troops report wave of UFO sightings ~ Soldiers in India have reported several sightings of unidentified flying objects over the China border." -- Unexplained Mysteries

As has been stated before, the behavior of wild animals is changing. In part, this is because of the 'energetics' of Earth Changes. Beware, and take care.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET ~ "Big Cat Has Detroit Area Residents On Alert According to reports, many residents on the city's northeast side have seen what appears to be an exotic cat, perhaps as tall as four feet, roaming the streets. Officials with the Michigan Humane Society said they have received several calls about the animal and workers are out in the city, trying to find the feline."

This week take some long reflective moments to consider the sweet things in your life, and take a leisurely nap.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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