Friday, August 23, 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), episode 19.

This was one of those "one step at a time" episodes. Sure it made some progress. But so little that you can describe it in two sentences. "They caught the titan. And yes, Eren need a purpose when he transforms, which changes nothing".

The flashback was cool though. And look at that face, aren't it cute?

Attack on Titan seem to get infected by the Bleach disease. You know, when first five minutes of the episode is a recap or reused footage. Helps to save money, you know. Doesn't help the viewers to enjoy the show, though.

On the good side of things, they put some effort into developing side characters, which is always welcome when done right.I am talking about the four or five guys who were around Eren panicking when the titan showed up. If I got it right, they are the same people who were ready to kill Eren when he accidentally turned into a titan in the flashback.

I think they wanted to convey the feeling that those people in the Recon Corps are actually nice, but not necessarily smart or brave. That is something I can live with. I usually don't like stupid and aggressive characters, but Levi's soldiers aren't that aggressive or stupid. They are kinda normal.

Well .. I was, just a little bit.

But the thing they tried to stress more than anything else in this episode was that Levi is actually Eren's friend. Levi was trying to support Eren throughout the whole episode, giving him chance to make a choice to transform (thus endangering Erwin's plan), creating a plan to stop Eren in he goes berserk without killing him, saving him from him mad teammates. So nice. For some reason I was sure it would turn out this way from the moment Levi decided to take Eren.

"It i snot like I like him or anything "

Now, about the actual progress. The female titan is captured. The way they captured it is actually very nice, though not at all realistic. But anyway, now they will have to either try to cut out the human from the inside of it, or destroy it and then take out the human. I guess they will try the first option. And if I understand anything about this show, there will be a problem. And let's guess what the problem will be. What do you think? I think there will be a second titan. Maybe one of those two, who destroy walls and stuff. And Eren will be the one to fight it.

Btw, taking the "pilot" alive is good for gathering intelligence, but so risky that I would have thought twice before attempting it.

So what do you think will happen next? Let's talk in the comments. See you (^^)/

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