Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Marc Maron is MY Frank Zappa

If you haven't seen Marc Maron's show simply called "Maron" or "Todd and the Book of Pure Evil", you are a complete fool. Those are pretty amazing shows and I'm glad I finally finished Todd! I have some great ideas coming up too for these blogs! One of them is going to be Berserk breakdowns. I'm going to be writing entire blog posts upon every volume (there are 37 so far) and even episodes (25) for the first anime release: if you'd like to read the volumes before the blog posts go up, let me know and I'll see about getting them to you! But it might be a sweet ass idea for you to start your own collections as well!

I'm going to talk first about Animes. I want to rewatch Kenshin because it's getting to that point again and I just need a refresher or even the original Dragonball, but I'm thinking of watching Blue Lagoon or a few other I haven't watched yet in my collection or that are even in my Netflix queue. Made me start thinking about Kanima from Gurren Laggen. I found the series last year and have only caught the first half of the series...it's pretty awesome about a kid that is trying to believe in himself. He has a friend though who is Kanima. Kanima's ego is legendary!! He has a 'never say die' attitude and believes he can do anything, part of what makes the series so incredible...something happens very early in the series you could never imagine them writing into the series...pretty amazing that they pulled it off so well :) makes me think of Uma Thurman and her role in Kill Bill. When you are pushed to the point when you stop giving a fuck...and then you take on the world!

I need to get something off my chest though. I've started seeing people start saying, in regards to New Years resolutions, that they are 'above' making them because they don't think they should because they should be thinking about it year round. It's the same people that say they shouldn't be thankful during thanksgiving and shouldn't be held to standards which they should celebrate Mother's Day or Father's Day because they should celebrate year around...except they don't. They are the reason these days exist. One day you set aside for something...just stop being so fucking stuck up an just celebrate.

In 'humanity just might be saved still' news: For the first time in a long time, Facebook has been useful in the reason I still keep it. My radio buddy from college is making his way back to Iowa and have alerted certain friends so we can get a drink and hang out with each other for a little bit. He lives in Ohio and it's just difficult to see him, but this night is certainly going to be legendary. I should have put two pieces together when he found the black and white doodle I made of me with my arm around darkness (him) and he liked it. The night is sure to be filled with many racist jokes and stories from the past...telling each other how we've came to live this well an how our lives have turned out pretty awesome! I'm beyond excited just thinking about reliving those glory days! Even if it's only Mickens, Bremer, and Me...it'll be great! Hoping Curt will join and Pemble too because there's a certain air about the whole thing because everything will seem like it's charged with electricity from us all getting together again! And more would just take this to an unthinkable level...

This was posted by my tattoo artist :) it couldn't be any truer. Good tattoos are only worth what you're willing to put into them. Time and money aren't given very lightly so they should be treated as well!That one was given to me by one of my good friends :) so I'm all caught up on Being Human and excited for it to start next week! Working on getting through Lost Girl right now and glad it's easily put on as filler sounds In the background. It doesn't hold my attention as well as BH does. Something I started noticing with other shows but you can tell when sexy moments in Lost Girl are going down though :) the fourth episode starts out with Bo and Lauren playing with each other and it's quite ravishing! The action is good and the mythos behind more new ones is far past interesting indeed! I still have to get caught House of Lies and Shameless. I need more half hour shows in my life...Archer is going to be starting up soon too that I need to catch up. This damn schedule is wearing me down :p That's all the randomness for today...
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