Monday, January 20, 2014

eFeora vs Kromac

One of the last games in the League





Errants with UA


Covenant of Menoth



Min. Choir






Shifting stones with UA

Shifting stones



So my previous Cryx League opponent was telling me that I probably didn't need to run a devout with eFeora at 35 points and I should try out other options. One of those being Rhoven. Who kinda earned his points this game. He ends up going first.


-Inviolable resolve on the Stalker, warpath on himself and Wild Aggression on the other Stalker. Kromac walks up the board cautiously. The stalkers run to shield him from LOS. The woldstalkers go up the left and right flank respectively. Shifting stones teleport so that they can teleport things twice if need be.

+I cast Escort and Ignite on the errants and eFeora walks up. Judicator runs up thanks to free focus from reliquary though I stay beyond the stalkers threat range. Vassal gives it an ancillary attack. Errants advance cautiously up the field. Rhoven camps behind a wall. Rhupert gives the errant tough and the book moves up and says no KD.


-He upkeeps all his spells.He moves his stalker into a forest and Kromac hides behind him. The other stalker walks along and joins him. The stalkers move up and shoot at the errants. I tough out a few shots and self-sac where needed. The other wold stalkers move up.

+I upkeep escort and give a focus to the Judicator. Rhoven lets him see through stealth and he moves up and pops a Stone as well as the Stalker. Suddenly, a lot of things are on fire thanks to him clustering all his models in that area. More importantly, he can no longer port two times thanks to me getting rid of his UA, his stones are no longer in formation. Errants charge the stones and feraland kill a few more stones. Feora runs b2b with the flag and dominates it, gaining 1CP.


-He rolls ones and twos like a madman, dousing a lot of fires. Kromac upkeeps all 3 spells. His woldstalkers on the left activate first to try and shoot down the errants jamming the Stalkers. They don't kill all of them. The stalker activates and chooses berserk and kills some errants eventually, but due to tough and a bad warpath choice on his part, he can't kill all of them. This leads to his other stalker having to walk forward and kill most of the errants with berserk on. However, this leaves his 2 stalkers perilously close to each other... The other woldstalkers on the right move up and try to shoot Feora and the errants. But didn't work too well.

+I give 3 focus to Judicator. It gets 4 cause of the reliquary. Errants scram out of the way, taking freestrikes where needed. Choir sings battle. Judicator charges the stalkers, it pulps both of them, with the ancillary attack from the Vassal. Suddenly my board is quite clear of warbeasts. Feora walks up and sprays the woldstalkers, killing them. Rhoven and crew run/charge the woldstalkers as well.


-I have a huge giant colossal in my opponents face. And he has almost no way to get rid of it. Except one...Stalkers activate and shoot the Judicator. One of them is actually engaged with Rhoven's honor guard and shouldn't have been able to shoot out but I didn't spot that. Both units lay fire into the Judicator. Kromac gets warpath-ed to the side thanks to an Errant dying, and charges the Judicator. He buys and boosts all attack rolls. He feats and and buys and boosts more attack rolls. My Judicator is left with 1 HP and ONE working arm. He has 3 fury, buys, boosts, it's dice minus 5 and he rolls...1,2,2 on 3d6. He buys another one and it rolls...3,2. And I'm still left with 1 hp and 1 working arm.

+Choir sings battle. Judicator looks at Kromac and smacks him. He's totally dry on fury, damaged and anything I roll is dice + a lot. Kromac dies.


Not really how I wanted to be winning the game but my opponent did offer me two stalkers on a platter. I just didn't expect Kromac to be able to kill off the colossal nearly by himself.

If he had killed my judicator however, I would have gone on to try and score as many CP as possible while hoarding focus to guard against a possible assassination. I was already up by several and I had more units on table than he did.
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