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Naruto Shippuden 345 begins as Obito wakes up while two Zetsu's are watching him, they have a long and boring conversation of how the feeling of having poop is, while at the same time Obito mentions that he's definitely going to get out. It's also mentioned that Madara wants to cast a massive genjutsu giving everyone their own peace.At the end of it Obito begins to walk with all his might, he near collapses when Zetsu helps him out.

At the same time Zetsu begins to think of all the time that he had with both Kakashi and Rin! He even tried to kiss Rin through a photo he had. Rin begins to progress on his walking and building his skills. He gets his balance right too. He keeps on training with Zetsu.

There is a moment when Obito was hit, he tries to hide it from Rin but she finds out and she tells him to never be like that. Zetsu shows up and mentions that he's just seen Kakashi and Rin in trouble. To which Obito tries to break the boulder but his arm fails. One of the swirly Zetsu's opens up to him to help him.

Obito gets ready and with just one hit he uses chakra from the statue to break the massive boulder. He then turns around when Madara asks if he's leaving. Obito mentions that he's thankful for what he's done, when Madara tells him that he's definitely going to be back. He asks Zetsu where they are when he mentions that they can communicate with each other.

He rushes off when Zetsu tells him that it seems that they're surrounded and based on some kind of test subject. Minato seems to also be somewhere else on another mission. Obito remembers when he promised to keep Rin safe. Zetsu mentions that he needs to tell him something, Obito is less stronger than him and thus it would be better if Zetsu would fight.

Obito tells him that with the pair of Sharingan's both him and Kakashi's combination will unstoppable.Zetsu then mentions that on top of his Uchiha powers, the combination with Senju DNA will certainly make something on a while different level. We see large water splash around to which Obito follows it.

As Obito goes his vision chances and he see's Rin on it, she seems to be bleeding! He gets through there and quickly notices that Kakashi and Rin are together but Kakashi seems to have used Raikiri on Rin! Kakashi cries and Rin falls back. Obito must be devastated to see such an image! It seems that Kakashi has done something that shouldn't have been, could she be the experiment.

Kakashi and Obito both develop the Mangekyou Sharingan at the same time! Kakashi collapses. Obito gets all crazy, and begins to shout, all the other ninja notice him, he asks himself where he is. He begins to think, the shuriken that were thrown on him went right through him. He gets crazy and begins to run towards them.

He hits a man and quickly destroys his insides, he goes berserk and begins to smash and kill everything near him. They try to get Rin but Obito also goes to stop them, he kills on of them and then captures the other to which he is beaten to a massive pulp. Zetsu notices that now he understands why Madara had chosen him from the start!

They all notices the damage that has been done, out of nowhere something comes out of Obito to which it kills everything single one of them, a massive tree of bodies is made to which blood drips from every single one of them! They all die whilst blood drips from the sky. Obito finally notices that he's in hell as he looks at Rin's dead body! He's gone completely mental! Naruto Shippuden 365 ends here!
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