Monday, January 27, 2014

Case Study No. 1200: Tosaka Hiyoko (student library worker)


We go after depressed loner pigeon!

Can't wait to see what happens here! :)

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["April 11th" appears on screen, as the scene opens with Kazuaki Nanaki (a male buttonquail) addressing a classroom full of students at St. PigeoNation's Institute]

KAZUAKI: As you all know, this school doesn't require you to join any club. If you want to, you can, but if you don't then you're free to go home after school.

[cut to a fantail pigeon in the classroom]

OKOSAN: Coo! Okosan has time only for the track team!

[cut back to the teacher]

KAZUAKI: That's good. What about you, Shirogane?

[cut to another fantail pigeon in the classroom]

SAKUYA: A foolish question. I already hold a position here.

[cut back to the teacher]

KAZUAKI: Oh, that's right. You became student president when you were admitted ... Nepotism, ho! Don't we get a vote!?

[cut to a rock dove in the classroom]

RYOUTA: Just coming to school is enough for me. You have to take care of your mother on your own, and all ... Hmm, I wonder what I should do.

["Join the ... " appears on screen, and the player selects "Library"]

KAZUAKI: That's everyone, isn't it? Have fun!

[the scene fades to black, then "April 12th" appears on screen]

HIYOKO: [to herself] Today's an elective day! What should I do?

["Attend ... " appears on screen, and the player selects "Math class"]

HIYOKO: [to herself] Mister Nanaki dozed off as usual, but class was somehow good anyway. I feel smarter already!

["Hiyoko leveled up! Wisdom increased by 5!" appears on screen]

[the scene fades to black, then "April 15th" appears on screen]

HIYOKO: [to herself] I'm on receptionist duty today. Better hurry!

[cut to the school's library, which features a lot of empty tables]

HIYOKO: [to herself] Boring, as usual. The library here doesn't seem very popular ... Not enough books? It's on the fifth floor, though, so at least the view is nice. Sitting here twiddling my thumbs is bad for me. I wish someone would come ask me something.

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: [to herself] There's nobirdie here. I wonder if it would be okay to close early ... ? Aaah, I wish I could just spread my wings and fly away!

NAGEKI: [from off camera] Planning to jump off the building? The window there is rather good for that, Miss Receptionist.

[a white male mourning dove suddenly appears]

HIYOKO: Nageki?! When did you--

NAGEKI: I've been here all along.

HIYOKO: [to herself] I never noticed ... He's almost as bad as the doctor.

NAGEKI: You're thinking I have no presence, right? It's okay. I already know that.

HIYOKO: You certainly seem to like this place.

NAGEKI: Yes. Is that a problem?

HIYOKO: Umm ...

[the player selects "No, books are nice"]

NAGEKI: [pause] They are.

HIYOKO: Why don't you join the library staff, Nageki? You could read whatever you want.

NAGEKI: I already read whatever I want.

HIYOKO: [to herself] Touche.

NAGEKI: You shouldn't slack off, Miss Receptionist.

[he disappears]

HIYOKO: [to herself] And with that, he takes a book and is gone between the stacks. What a strange bird ...["May 21st" appears on screen, as the player leaves the school's sports festival and enters the library]

HIYOKO: [to herself] May is practically summer already ... It's too hot! I think I'll rest in the library. Aah, much better!

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: [to herself] It's nice that the AC is on, but do we really need it? Nobirdie's in here today.

NAGEKI: [from off camera] It's not on.

[Nageki enters the scene]

HIYOKO: It's you, Nageki!

NAGEKI: It's you, Miss Tosaka.

HIYOKO: [to herself] Woah! He called me by my name.

NAGEKI: They don't turn the air conditioning on until June. It just feels cold compared to outside.

HIYOKO: Oh, is that it?

[he says nothing]

HIYOKO: [to herself] It would be a little strange to start spending money to cool a barely-used library in May.

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: Anyway, aren't you going to participate in the festival, Nageki?

NAGEKI: Aren't you?


NAGEKI: I don't like it outside. So I stay in here. That's all.

HIYOKO: Hmm ... I see.

NAGEKI: [pause] Why are you sitting next to me?

HIYOKO: Do you mind?

NAGEKI: [pause] Not really.

HIYOKO: U-um, listen, our class president got duped into being a cheerleader, and ...

[he says nothing]

HIYOKO: S-sorry ...

NAGEKI: [pause] No. Keep going.

HIYOKO: [to herself] And so I spent the day telling him about the festival and whatnot while he read. I don't know how much he was listening to me, but he didn't seem to mind ... I think?["Jul 20th" appears on screen, as the player starts off in the classroom]

HIYOKO: [to herself] Today's the last day! It's been a semester already ... Sometimes it seemed long, and sometimes it seemed short, but either way, it's summer now! I need to check all the assigned books before I go home. There will be a lot of students coming in to borrow their summer reading pretty soon!

[cut to the library]

HIYOKO: [to herself] Today is the closing ceremony, so there are even fewer birds in here than usual. Am I the only one? Well, that just makes my job easier ... but I'm probably not alone. I've seen this situation before.

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: Nageki?

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: [to herself] No reply. Maybe he's not here.

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: Are you here, Nage--

[Nageki enters the scene]

NAGEKI: Please be quiet in the library.

HIYOKO: Hello!

NAGEKI: You're rather noisy today. Did you want something?

HIYOKO: Nope! I was just wondering if you were here.

NAGEKI: Of course. I'm always here.

HIYOKO: [to herself] He replies from his corner, in a somewhat annoyed tone of voice. Oh! The book he's holding ...

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: That's assigned reading this semester! Is it any good?

NAGEKI: [pause] Not really. I'm almost done with it ... It forces its "safe" ethical viewpoint on the reader. Like all assigned reading. The whole concept is inane. Why force everyone to read the same books?

HIYOKO: It is pretty boring most of the time.

NAGEKI: What do you like to read?


NAGEKI: You volunteered to work here. So you must like books. I was wondering what to read next.

HIYOKO: So you want me to recommend something?

["He nods" appears on screen]

HIYOKO: What about ...

[the player selects "OreHato"]

HIYOKO: What about "My Little Nicobar Can't Be This Cute?" I liked it.

NAGEKI: I've never heard that name before. What is it?

HIYOKO: It's a light novel that came out last month. It's about an incredibly tsundere Nicobar with a complex, and her faceless male protagonist brother, and--

NAGEKI: I see.

HIYOKO: [to herself] He sounds extremely uninterested ... Don't look down on light novels! Kirinico is cute!

["Jul 24th" appears on screen, then cut to Hiyoko's home (a cave on the edge of town)]

HIYOKO: [to herself] It's still a long time until the semester starts ... and I still have a lot of homework! Maybe I should apply for a part-time job, since I have the chance?

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: [to herself] I'll ...

[the player selects "Forget it"]

HIYOKO: [to herself] Hmm ... I think I'll wait until I'm in college. That way I can skip lectures to go to work. Slacking off and having fun is more the highschooler thing to do. Wheeee!

["Aug 6th" appears on screen, then cut to Hiyoko's cave during nighttime]

HIYOKO: [to herself] Today's the local summer festival! I think I'll go with somebirdie.

[the player selects "Invite ... Nageki"]

HIYOKO: [to herself] I'll invite Nageki. He needs to get out more!

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: [to herself] But I don't know his address or phone number. I'd go look in the library if the school weren't already closed. Now that I think about it, I only know him as "the depressed freshman who's always in the library". I'd like to learn more about him ... though, he'd probably never tell me anything if I asked. Aah, going out is too much trouble. I think I'll have some udon and go to bed!

["Aug 14th" appears on screen, then cut back to the library]

HIYOKO: [to herself] Today is my day as receptionist. There's nobirdie here, as usual. Maybe I should work on the newspaper ...

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: Nageki?

[Nageki enters the scene]


HIYOKO: Do you have a minute?

NAGEKI: What is it?

HIYOKO: Want to write a book review? I'm working on the library newspaper, and there's a corner open, so I thought--

NAGEKI: Can't you write one yourself?

HIYOKO: I'm always writing them! We never get submissions, so the book reviews are just turning into our personal soapbox!

NAGEKI: Perhaps it would be better to remove them from the paper.

HIYOKO: [to herself] My thoughts exactly.

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: I'd like to see how you'd write one, though. It doesn't have to be very long, either!

NAGEKI: [pause] I'll write one later. Leave the paper there.

HIYOKO: Yaaay! Thank you!

[Nageki disappears]

HIYOKO: [to herself] I think that's everything for the September issue. Wheee!

["Aug 30th" appears on screen, then cut back to Hiyoko's cave]

HIYOKO: [to herself] Aaah! I knew I should've gotten up when I first woke up! I slept too late! School starts today, right? I'm gonna be late!

[cut to a hallway in the school, as Hiyoko's teacher appears]

KAZUAKI: Oh, hello, Tosaka!

HIYOKO: Sir! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I overslept!

KAZUAKI: Overslept ... ?

HIYOKO: Aaah! My homework! I forgot to bring my homework!

KAZUAKI: Aren't you a getting a little bit ahead of yourself, Tosaka?


KAZUAKI: What's the number in the top left-hand corner say?

HIYOKO: Oooh ...

KAZUAKI: You're just a little bit early.

HIYOKO: Waaah ...

KAZUAKI: Though, since you're here ... Could you lend me a hand for a bit, Tosaka?

HIYOKO: Lend you a hand?

KAZUAKI: I was about to start grading the freshmen's exams, and I thought maybe you could help, if you don't have something else. Of course, you have a test in September, so if you want to go and study in the library ...

HIYOKO: I want to ...

[the player selects "Study in the library"]

HIYOKO: [to herself] The library should be open now. I think I'll go study ...

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: Umm ... I'm sorry, sir, but I'm not sure I've prepared enough for my tests. I'd like to go study, if that's all right.

KAZUAKI: Of course! Work hard, okay?

[cut to the library]

HIYOKO: [to herself] There are already a number of students working in the library. Looks like mostly third-years? They've probably all decided on their colleges and careers already ... Will I be that frantic this time next year, I wonder?

["!" appears on screen]

HIYOKO: [to herself] Nageki is here, too, leaning against a bookshelf in a far corner.

[Nageki enters the scene]

HIYOKO: Nageki!

NAGEKI: [pause] Miss Tosaka? Did you need something?

HIYOKO: Why are you over here? There are still plenty of seats open ... You should sit down!

NAGEKI: I don't mind standing.

HIYOKO: [to herself] You look like you mind!

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: You don't ... like being near other birds? Is that it?

["He nods" appears on screen]

NAGEKI: [pause] They'll just ... They'll just ignore me, anyway. Whether or not I go near.

HIYOKO: Nageki, are you being ...

[the player selects "Bullied?"]


HIYOKO: [to herself] He falls silent. If there's something wrong, I'd like to help ...["Sep 25th" appears on screen, as the player starts off in the classroom]

HIYOKO: [to herself] Today's the school festival! Our class decided to do a maid cafe. I'm not scheduled to work until tomorrow, so ... I have today off! I don't have anything to do, so I guess I'll go look around.

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: [to herself] Hmm, I wonder if Nageki's in the library today? Probably. I think I'll go buy something and hang out with him.

[cut to the library]

HIYOKO: Yup, door's open! Nageki?

[Nageki enters the scene]

NAGEKI: Close it, please.

HIYOKO: I knew you'd be here!

NAGEKI: The door. It's loud outside.

[the sound of a door closing can be heard]

HIYOKO: Oh! Sorry ... You're staying in here even today? It's almost like this is where you live!

NAGEKI: [pause] Is there something wrong with that?

HIYOKO: Of course not! You're kind of like a friendly ghost, or something. It's reassuring to know you're here ... Anyway, I brought you something! You're planning to stay here all day, right?

NAGEKI: What did ... Cookies?

HIYOKO: Yup! The birdwatching club was selling bird-shaped cookies. Aren't they cute? Have some!

NAGEKI: Hmm ... Thanks.

HIYOKO: [to herself] Hearing him thank me makes me very happy, even if it was in a whisper. He even looks a little happier than usual!

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: There's lots of other stuff, too! The third-years are doing a play, and one class put together a god-tier haunted house ...

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: I was thinking of looking around a little more ... Nageki, want to come with me?


HIYOKO: [to herself] Oh no! He looks angry ...

NAGEKI: I ... No, thank you. Go ahead, if you want.

HIYOKO: Well ... all right. Sorry, I didn't mean to try to drag you out of here.

[Nageki disappears]

HIYOKO: [to herself] I think he might actually live in here ... Now that I think about it, I've never seen him anywhere else. Maybe he comes straight here as soon as he gets to school?

["Oct 7th" appears on screen, then cut to a hallway in the school]

HIYOKO: [to herself] Midterms are right around the corner! Aaagh, I got too excited for the festival and didn't study at all. I'll have to study at ... Huh? Where's my history textbook? It's not on my desk.

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: [to herself] Oh! I was reading it in the library during lunch, so maybe it's still there. I'll go look.

[her teacher enters the scene]


KAZUAKI: Welcome back, Tosaka. Where are you going?

HIYOKO: I think I left something in the library! Do you know if the door's still open?

KAZUAKI: Umm ... somebirdie brought the key to the staff room a few minutes ago, so I think it's locked now.

HIYOKO: I'll go there first, then! Thank you, sir!

[cut back to the library]

HIYOKO: [to herself] I was sitting ... over there?

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: Here it is! Yaaay!

[she pauses]


[she pauses]

HIYOKO: [to herself] Somebirdie's written on the page I left open. "The congress dances, but does not progress" ... Well, that's funny, but don't write on people's books!

NAGEKI: [from off camera] Don't leave books lying around with their pages to the four winds.

[Nageki enters the scene]

HIYOKO: Nageki!?

NAGEKI: What? Why are you so surprised?

HIYOKO: I hadn't thought you'd still be here ...

NAGEKI: Why not?

HIYOKO: The door was locked! Don't tell me they locked you in!?

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: [to herself] That would be terrible!

NAGEKI: [pause] It was? I hadn't realized.

HIYOKO: [to herself] Well, if it was an accident then it's all right ... maybe? Geez, you're supposed to make sure there's nobirdie left inside before you lock the door! Anyway, I need to lock the door again.

[the player selects "I should ... go home with Nageki"]

HIYOKO: Hey, Nageki ... Let's go home together.

NAGEKI: No, thank you.

HIYOKO: [to herself] H-he didn't even pause to think about it!

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: Where do you live? I'll walk you.

NAGEKI: I'm fine, really. Don't worry about me.

HIYOKO: You always get mad when I suggest you go outside ...

NAGEKI: [pause] Don't jump to ... If I could, I'd--

HIYOKO: What ... ?

NAGEKI: Don't worry about it. I'll lock the door, so just leave the key there.

HIYOKO: [to herself] He's already reading again. I think I'm annoying him ...

["Nov 10th" appears on screen, then cut to another shot of the library]

HIYOKO: [to herself] Aaah! My grades aren't looking very good. I need to work harder to recover before finals ... And so I sat studying in the library, while one by one the other students filed out to go home. When I look up, I'm alone.

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: [to herself] Or not.

[Nageki enters the scene]

HIYOKO: My, how unusual! I think this is the first time you've sat down next to me, Nageki.

NAGEKI: [pause] I ... want to talk to you.

HIYOKO: You're nothing but surprises today!

NAGEKI: I'll leave you alone if you're busy.

HIYOKO: Nooo! Talk away!

NAGEKI: I was ... shocked when you first came and talked to me, Miss Tosaka. You're the only one who didn't ignore me. No one but you has ever talked to me. That's why ... this is the only place for me.

HIYOKO: [to herself] That's ... That's terrible!

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: Nageki, that's awful! Which class are you in? I'll talk to your teacher--

NAGEKI: I'm not done talking yet.

HIYOKO: Sorry, go on ...

NAGEKI: You think I'm being bullied, right? I thought that, too.

HIYOKO: You're ... not?

NAGEKI: I don't think so, no. Being bullied ... might be better than this.

HIYOKO: [to herself] Better than this? Then what is he--

NAGEKI: I'm not sure yet, though. When you talk to me, I ... remember things, sometimes. But it's still not enough.

HIYOKO: I don't understand, what do you mean?

NAGEKI: Miss Tosaka, I think I ... I think I'm--

[Nageki disappears]

KAZUAKI: [from off camera] Tosaka? You're here late!

[her teacher enters the scene]


KAZUAKI: The school's already starting to close for the night. It's good to study, but working too hard on your own for too long can backfire on you. Lock the door and head home soon, okay?

[he leaves]

HIYOKO: [to herself] On my own ... ?

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: Sir, what are you talking about? I'm not al--

[she pauses]


[she pauses]

HIYOKO: [to herself] Nageki's gone. He was here just a moment ago! Where'd he go ... Did he leap out the window and go home ninja-style?["Dec 24th" appears on screen, then cut to the library at night]

HIYOKO: [to herself] Closing time already! I don't really have any reason to be here again until the semester starts up ...

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: Oh, no! It's snowing!

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: [to herself] It was clear when I left! Crossing the wilderness to get to my house in a blizzard ... I'd be risking my life.

[Nageki enters the scene]

NAGEKI: [pause] You're still here?

HIYOKO: Nageki!

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: [to herself] A book under his arm, the same as always. I do wonder about last time ... But, if he wants to talk, then he'll talk to me. For now, I won't bring it up.

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: I was about to go home, but--


HIYOKO: Mmhmm. I guess I'll have to wait until it stops.

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: [to herself] He makes a noise of agreement, and sits down next to me with his book. He's been a little distant lately, but maybe he's warming up to me in his own way ... ?

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: What are you reading?

NAGEKI: Dickens. "A Christmas Carol."

HIYOKO: Oh! It's Christmas Eve today, isn't it?

NAGEKI: Please keep quiet in the library.

HIYOKO: Sorry ...

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: [to herself] I completely forgot! I guess this makes it a white Christmas ... More like a whiteout Christmas, if you ask me!

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: Looks like you're almost finished?

NAGEKI: Yup. I just got to the part where Tiny Tim dies and Scrooge sees his own grave.

HIYOKO: That sounds like a ... depressing story.

NAGEKI: [pause] You haven't read it? Even though you work here?

HIYOKO: I'm Buddhist, so Christmas stuff has never been--

NAGEKI: Tim is a boy born weak, who dies young. The protagonist, Scrooge, sees that that will happen, and tries to prevent it.

HIYOKO: Time travel? I thought it was a classic, but it sounds kind of science fiction-y ...

NAGEKI: I can see that. It's not really the focus of the book, though.

HIYOKO: I'd like to see the future ... It would be nice being able to avoid getting into trouble.

NAGEKI: [pause] I wouldn't like it.


NAGEKI: [pause] The future is what it is. It is what it is, and that's all there is to it.

[Nageki disappears]

HIYOKO: [to herself] And so we enjoyed the "present" point in time along which we flowed ... This is a nice way to spend Christmas, I think.["Feb 3rd" appears on screen, then cut to the library]

HIYOKO: [to herself] Almost empty, as always. And unsurprisingly! The heating doesn't work well here, so the winter cold will stick around well through February. The pervading chill has earned the library the dubious honor of being one of the school's least popular places in winter. The few students here are huddled around the heater. So, Nageki should be ...

[Nageki enters the scene]

HIYOKO: There you are, Nageki!

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: [to herself] Sitting in a frigid corner far from the meagre effects of the heater, as expected.

NAGEKI: Please be--

HIYOKO: Quiet in the library.

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: [to herself] Oh, can you somehow forgive my dreadful sin?

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: Brrr, it's cold here ... are you okay, Nageki?

NAGEKI: I am fine. Don't mind me, Miss Tosaka. Feel free to go sit by the heater if you're cold.

HIYOKO: Nope, I'm fine! My house doesn't have a heater at all. Anyway, I ... have something to give you. It's Legumentine's, you know.

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: Here! Foxtail Millet!

NAGEKI: [pause] For me?

HIYOKO: Yup! You're supposed to give beans to the most important bird in your life today ... Do you want them?

NAGEKI: [pause] Yes. Thank you.

HIYOKO: [to herself] He looks happier than usual. Or is it my imagination ... ?

NAGEKI: I often ate these, when I was younger ... This brings back memories. Thank you, Miss Tosaka.

HIYOKO: You're welcome, Nageki!["Feb 7th" appears on screen, then cut to the classroom where the player is speaking with fellow student Ryouta Kawara (a male rock dove)]

RYOUTA: Hey, Hiyoko ... Are you okay?

HIYOKO: Huh? What do you mean?

RYOUTA: You look kinda sick ... your skin's all pale.

HIYOKO: I'm fine. Maybe it's your imagination?

RYOUTA: Hmm ... Well, okay. You're always healthy, after all.

HIYOKO: That's right. I'm the toughest guy in the town!

RYOUTA: You're not a guy, Hiyoko!

HIYOKO: Oh, I need to go to the library today. See you, Ryouta!

RYOUTA: See you!

[Ryouta exits the scene]

HIYOKO: [to herself] Last night was awfully cold ... but I don't feel sick or anything. Probably just Ryouta worrying about everything, as usual!

[cut to the library]

HIYOKO: Nageki?

[Nageki enters the scene]

NAGEKI: [pause] What is it?

HIYOKO: Umm, I'm returning books that've wandered away from home to their loving families, and--

NAGEKI: Wandered away from home?

[he pauses]

NAGEKI: Ah. Misshelved books.

HIYOKO: Right! I'm almost done, but ... where do you think this one goes? I flipped through it, but I can't tell if it's fiction, or psychology, or science, or what!

NAGEKI: It should have a genre mark.

HIYOKO: Genre mark?

NAGEKI: Isn't there a label near the bottom of the back cover?

HIYOKO: Oh, yes, there is! But it's all numbers.

NAGEKI: [pause] You work here and you don't remember the classifications? How have you been filing them up until now?

HIYOKO: Woman's intuition!


HIYOKO: [to herself] He stares at me with eyes like scornful daggers ... Stop iiiiiiiit! You'll leave a hoooooole!

NAGEKI: Give it to me ... This is natural science. It starts with "four," so it's physics. The second number is a "five," so--

[he pauses]

NAGEKI: Are you listening?

HIYOKO: Yes ... Yes!

NAGEKI: The second number is a "five," so this is a book on seismology. So it should go--

[the screen suddenly turns black, and the sound of something hitting the ground can be heard]

NAGEKI: [from off camera] Miss ... Tosaka?

[he pauses]

NAGEKI: [from off camera] What's wrong, Miss Tosaka? Hey, say something ... !

[he pauses]

NAGEKI: [from off camera] Somebirdie ... somebirdie!

[he pauses]

NAGEKI: [from off camera] How can I get someone else's attention ... !?

[the sound of glass breaking can be heard, then cut to the school infirmary]

HIYOKO: [to herself] Uuurgh ... I feel lousy. Where am I? I feel like I've--

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: The infirmary?

RYOUTA: [from off camera] Hiyoko!

[Ryouta enters the scene]

RYOUTA: You're awake! How do you feel? Are you all right? Do you remember who I am? Can I get you anything? Would you like me to peel you an apple?

HIYOKO: W-wait, Ryouta ... I can't answer all that at once!

RYOUTA: Oh, sorry.

HIYOKO: Why am I here, of all places?

SHUU: [from off camera] You wound me.

[Shuu Iwamine, the school's male physician (and a chukar partridge), enters the scene]

HIYOKO: Doctor!

SHUU: You collapsed, and Kawara brought you here. Any other questions?

HIYOKO: Collapsed ... ?

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: [to herself] I do feel really heavy ... I was fine just a minute ago.

SHUU: A sudden fever, and inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. A cold, and nothing more ... though, the violent episode leaves me somewhat puzzled.

HIYOKO: The ... violent episode?

RYOUTA: You don't remember? You kicked down the library door.

HIYOKO: I remember no such thing!

RYOUTA: I heard the glass smashing as I was heading home, and when I went to look I found you collapsed in the doorway. There was no one else there, so I figured it was you who--

HIYOKO: I made that much of a mess while I was out cold ... ?

SHUU: Do you think you might have some deep-seated desire to indulge in violent acts?

HIYOKO: Don't make me sound like some sort of psychopath!

[she coughs weakly]

RYOUTA: You have to rest, Hiyoko! I'll sit with you ... Doctor, I think you're making her worse by hanging around like that, so please go back to whatever you were doing.

SHUU: My, I am unpopular. Is that any way to speak to a member of the faculty? But, very well.

[the scene fades to black]

HIYOKO: [to herself] Everything inside my head feels fuzzy. I'm causing trouble for Ryouta ... I'm probably going to have to pay for the library door, too.

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: [to herself] The library ... where'd Nageki go?

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: [to herself] Natural sciences start with "four," and umm ... I wonder if he put it back on the right shelf?

["Feb 10th" appears on screen, then cut back to the library]

HIYOKO: [to herself] Lots of requested books are going to come in today. I'll have to work through lunch ... Aah, sorting all of these takes forever! I think I just have the encyclopedias to do before I'm done.

[she pauses]


[she pauses]

HIYOKO: [to herself] There's a note on the help desk counter. Umm ...

[she reads the note]

HIYOKO: "Miss Tosaka. Be here after the other students have all left. Fujishiro Nageki."

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: [to herself] It reads like a challenge to a Samurai duel ... How fitting. I think this is the first time he's approached me? I wonder what it's all about.

[cut to another scene of the library]

HIYOKO: Nageki, are you here? Nageki?

NAGEKI: [from off camera] Ver ... ere ...

HIYOKO: Nageki!

[Nageki enters the scene]

NAGEKI: [pause] Hello, Miss Tosaka.

HIYOKO: You startled me! How long have you been standing there?

NAGEKI: From the very beginning.

HIYOKO: So, what did you need?

NAGEKI: I want to ... talk with you, Miss Tosaka.

HIYOKO: Talk with me?

NAGEKI: Continue our conversation.

HIYOKO: [to herself] We were talking about ... bullying, I think?

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: Okay. I'm all ears, Nageki.

NAGEKI: I'm ... not sure where to start. I've noticed a lot, since we last spoke together.

[he pauses]

NAGEKI: Miss Tosaka.


NAGEKI: Let's go outside.

HIYOKO: What!?

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: [to herself] But ... he hates going outside!

NAGEKI: Come on!

HIYOKO: [to herself] He stands up, and walks over to the door. I follow, agitated.

NAGEKI: You first.

HIYOKO: Okay ...

[cut to the hallway outside of the library]

HIYOKO: [to herself] Why does he want to go out all of a sudden? I should be happy, but--

[she pauses]


[Nageki enters the scene]

HIYOKO: What's wrong? You said you wanted to come out here ...

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: [to herself] He stands in the doorway, pushing against open air.

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: What are you doing ... mime?

NAGEKI: Watch.

HIYOKO: [to herself] He walks back a little ways into the library, and then ... Runs forward, crashing into the air.

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: Nageki, what--

[the screen shakes and goes black, as "Thud!" appears on screen, then cut back to inside of the library]

HIYOKO: [to herself] He bounces off the invisible wall, and falls back into the library. That's ... too good to be a mime act.

[Nageki enters the scene]

NAGEKI: As I thought. I can't leave.

HIYOKO: What ... ?

NAGEKI: I ... can't leave this room. I wake up in this library. After a while, I lose consciousness and wake up here again. And so it repeats. I said I'd come to understand the truth by talking to you, Miss Tosaka. You've probably noticed, too. Why no one else talks to me.

HIYOKO: [to herself] That's because ...

[the player selects "They can't see you"]

HIYOKO: I'm ... the only one who can see you?

NAGEKI: [pause] Probably. I forgot why I was here. How I came to be stuck in this place ... I've been alone here for years, with no one to talk to.

HIYOKO: For years ... ?

NAGEKI: My sense of time ... has broken. I cannot feel or remember its passage.

[he pauses]

NAGEKI: I've seen at least ... five school festivals go by. But then, you came. And talked to me. I had had no partner but myself for so long, and suddenly--

[he pauses]

NAGEKI: You wouldn't leave me alone. As I talked to you, I finally remembered ... why I can't leave.


NAGEKI: I killed myself in this room. And so here I stay. My clock broke here, its hands turning meaninglessly, each day the same as the last. Alone ... forever.

[his image starts to fade away]

NAGEKI: No one is bullying me, or ignoring me. I'm not here to begin with. I have no regrets. It was my choice to end my life here, after all. But ... I think I will miss you, Miss Tosaka.

[he pauses]

NAGEKI: If I wasn't like this, I would ... I would have liked to talk to you more, for longer.

HIYOKO: Nageki ...

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: [to herself] I wrap my arms around him. I can feel him, softly ... but he's cold.

NAGEKI: At first, sitting here alone was painful. But I grew numb, over time ... I ceased to feel pain. That feeling, that I thought I had lost, came back ... because of ... you ...

HIYOKO: I-I'll talk to you enough to make up for everyone else, Nageki! Maybe one day you'll be able to leave ...

NAGEKI: [pause] No.

HIYOKO: Why not?

NAGEKI: As I talked to you, I ... changed. I didn't notice until just recently.

[he continues to fade away even more]

NAGEKI: When you told me about this school, I was probably trying to take back the time I ... was never able to spend here. I never asked you to, but you relentlessly told me everything that was going on here. I already feel like I've spent a full year at this school.

[he pauses]

NAGEKI: And ... now it's over. I think the clock's hands ... are going to stop, soon.

HIYOKO: Nageki ... !?

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: [to herself] His head is right next to mine, but his voice sounds muffled and distant. When I look down, his feet are already disappearing ...

[she pauses]

HIYOKO: Nageki, wait! We've ... we've never talked like this before! I don't want this to be the last time!

NAGEKI: Don't cry, Miss Tosaka. I'm already long gone. There's no one here to mourn.


NAGEKI: There's just one thing I need to tell you before I go. The thing that I noticed. The secret that stopped my clock ...

HIYOKO: No! No, don't say it! Nageki, I--

NAGEKI: As I filled up, I grew closer to disappearing. You're the one who made me disappear, Miss Tosaka. I can't stop it now.

HIYOKO: But I still have so many things to tell you!

NAGEKI: You've already given me more than enough. I'm satisfied. The secret ...

[the screen goes white]

NAGEKI: [from off camera] Thank you. I love you.

From :

"Hatoful Boyfriend" (???????, Hatofuru Kareshi) is an otome visual novel/dating sim created by Hato Moa that features pigeons as characters rather than the more common human anime characters. The title of the game is a "pun on the words 'heartful' (also 'hurtful') in English and 'hato' (pigeon/dove) in Japanese." The player character is a human girl (default name: Hiyoko Tosaka) who is attending St. PigeoNation's Institute, and is the only human at the institute. As each of the pursuable male pigeons are introduced throughout the game, they are shown with an anime version of what they would look like as a human, though this is only shown for the first meeting. The game was originally released only in Japanese, but the developer later released an English patch after employing a translator, Nazerine.


The game plays the same as most other visual novels for the PC, with the controls limited to the mouse and the only interactions being clicking to forward the game's text or to choose between multiple plot choices (some small, and some that affect the game's ending). The keyboard can also be used, with 'enter' serving the same purpose as clicking.

The save button can be employed at any point during the game, which also features several pages of save slots, allowing gameplay to be easily picked up from prior to a choice the player made. An arrow button in the upper right corner also allows the player to speed through dialogue and interactions that they have already experienced.


At various points during gameplay, the player is allowed to choose which classes to attend, which change the character's stats depending on the activity chosen. The player can also choose which places to visit, which determines what bird character's love path that the player will encounter.

From :

Tosaka Hiyoko is the main character of Hatoful. She's the only human in St Pigeonation, due to a special arrangement with the school that is explained in the Hurtful Boyfriend route. Though she's a hunter-gatherer who lives in a cave and hunts for red meat for her breakfast, her favourite food is udon.


* Her name "Hiyoko" means "chick" in Japanese.

* She's often depicted by the fandom as a girl wearing a fake yellow chick head or a rock pigeon head in a futile effort to blend herself in the school full of birds, or as a normal girl with brown shoulder length hair. Moa, Hatoful's creator, has said that Hiyoko's image is up to the fans' imagination.

* She has a huge range of special attacks and some are powerful enough to break things.

* Her childhood pigeon friend Ryouta is in love with her, but she's too dense to figure it out.

Before St Pigeonations

Eight years before the game, both Hiyoko's parents were shot and killed in the Hatoful House incident when they tried to act as mediators between the human radicals and birds. Their deaths signaled the end of negotiations and started an all out fight between riot police and hostage takers in Hatoful House.

Hiyoko and Ryouta, while seeing Hiyoko's dead parents and witnessing the incident, were approached by Shuu. Shuu asks if they had any desire, any wish to be granted. Ryouta wished for world where humans and birds don't fight. Hiyoko then added the fatal line of "I would do anything to make Ryouta's wish come true."

Then and there, Shuu made his terrible promise to fulfill that wish someday, which led to the Hurtful Boyfriend route.

Hurtful Boyfriend

Hiyoko was killed in the start of the Hurtful Boyfriend route by the Charon Virus in Ryouta. The deadly virus that affects only humans was part of Shuu's plan to fuilfill Ryouta's wish - with the human race gone, the fighting will stop. Shuu then had Yuuya cut her up into pieces, and he removed her brain from her body and put it in Labor 9, a scarecrow-like being. Her last gasps to Ryouta before she died were eerily echoed by Labor 9 as, under the control of Shuu, it attempts to impede Ryouta and co from entering the sealed labs and keeps every other normal student away from the main building as Ryouta and Sakuya investigate.

Labor 9 is a prototype of the Labor Model New Humans that was first developed by Dove Party researchers, but condemned as unethical and the project shut down. It was made to assist birds, and with a human brain controlling an artificial body it was capable of tasks that bird limbs would find difficult to do. Shuu has continued with the Dove Party's research and created and used Labor 9 as his sidekick.

Even dead however, Hiyoko's spirit lives on. She appeared as a green floating flame to persuade Ryouta when he went into a brainwashed berserker state, and accompanies his spirit as he lay frozen in cryogenic slumber to wait for a cure for the Charon Virus.

From :

Fujishiro Nageki is a mourning dove in attendance at St. Pigeonation's. He is a very quiet freshman with a love of books; he can usually be found in the library.

He is voiced by Saiga Mitsuki in the drama CDs.

To pursue him, the player must join the library committee and pick options to see him.

For Legumentines, give him country millet.


Nageki is from Hatoful House, an orphanage for birds. He was in there under the caring wing of Hitori (aka Nanaki-sensei) until humans attacked the orphanage and killed everybirdie. He is the sole survivor of the incident, other than Hitori who was away. It's because of the Charon Virus present in his weak body that was deadly to humans infected all of the attackers and killed them through asphyxiation. However at that time, neither he nor Hitori knew of that.

In the frantic search to save Nageki's ailing health made worse by the virus, Hitori looked far and wide for a doctor who can cure him. He caught the attention of Shuu, who was doing research for military use, and Shuu saw the opportunity. Nageki was then invited to St Pigeonations under the pretense of finding a cure, when what they were really doing to Nageki was investigating the potential power of the Charon Virus.

Nageki was exposed to humans in various experiments. He saw many die from the effects of the Charon Virus. Though humans were not his own race, it was terrible enough to watch them choke and gasp to death that he gradually grew depressed. As time goes by, the tone of his letters back home to Hitori changed.

Hitori, sensing something wrong, broke into the labs beneath St Pigeonations... just in time to see Nageki's suicide by fire.

Having died a unnatural emotional death in the labs, Nageki is now a ghost who haunts the library. The labs where he died were somewhere below the library, and Nageki is able to float vertically through the school, though he's unable to move horizontally out of the library area. He discovered this ability to move by accident, after sleeping and waking up in a different place. He's usually found in the library as there's nothing else for a trapped ghost to do but read. Also, Nageki had hidden a couple of files about the Charon project in the library when he was still alive.

The millet that Hiyoko buys him for Legumentine's reminds him of the times with Hitori, when they used to go pick millet in the yard for dinner together. Back then, Nageki felt guilty. Due to his poor health, he couldn't find a job or help do chores while the hardworking Hitori, only five years older, was doing all the work.

Only Hiyoko, Ryouta (and possibly Anghel) can see Nageki. A recent official manga chapter (specifically chapter 2) shows that Okosan can also see him. Sakuya and Nanaki, however, cannot see Nageki at all. According to Okosan, people can see Nageki because their hearts are pure.


We find out that Nageki is a ghost who cannot leave the library. Hiyoko's persistence has touched Nageki's heart, and slowly he felt fulfilled by all her descriptions of school life and also gradually fell in love with her. But now, having fallen in love and somewhat experienced normal school life, his heart feels fulfilled. He slowly vanishes during a heartfelt love confession in the saddest ending in this game.


* His name Nageki is taken from the 'mourning' part of 'mourning dove'.

* His hatchday is 19 October 2167.

From :

Nageki Fujishiro

Drama CD VA: Mitsuki Saiga

Species: Mourning Dove

Birthday: October 19

Homeroom: ???

Activity: Library

This quiet dove spends all his time in the library.

He really doesn't like it when the other students make a ruckus in the library, shown especially in the radio play and manga. Although he isn't an actual librarian, he does spend the majority of his time there.

* Ryouta: "Nageki is a ghost, but he's not evil. ...I guess he can be scary if you make a mess of the library books, but..."

From :

Hatoful Boyfriend guidebook: Nageki's short story

[The Last Leaf]

Leaves. On the ivy vine. When the last one falls I must go, too.

... How absurd. I know it's unproductive to complain about characters that only appear in books, but I have nothing else to do. After all, yesterday, today, and the day after tomorrow, I live in a cycle of being surrounded by books.

For one thing, this patient is too self-conscious. Leaves will fall eventually- that's nature. Why would it be decided whether or not they fall based on the life of a single human? Does this girl think the universe revolves around her? What a bad case of megalomania.

In the past, it was said that a star would fall in the sky whenever a great person died. If you think about it, that's also pretty strange. Whether people live or die, the stars in the night sky will still fall. I don't know how vast space is, but it could be infinitely large, to the point that I most likely couldn't imagine it, only being aware of this small room as I am. A single life, on a single planet amongst the countless stars in space- it's conceited to think that the night sky would shed a tear for such a trivial thing. Just who do they think they are?

Whether we birds live or die, the seasons flow on. Winter will come again.

The grove of trees outside the library window are all dyed in autumn colours, too. This academy's library is cold. Even if I can't feel the change in temperature, the number of students visiting the library drops as the end of autumn approaches, so I can more or less tell when the season changes.

What day is it today, I wonder. I get the feeling that it's already been some time since the school festival, so I think it's the latter half of the second term, but I have no way of knowing for sure.

I watch as the leaves of the plane trees are blown away towards the sky by a gust of wind. It's an autumn sky, covered by thin, fleeting clouds. You can almost hear the approaching footsteps of winter. Birds everywhere will soon start to molt.

It's all part of the same indifferent, automatic cycle.

I was the same. Indifferent to everything, simply repeating the same things no matter what happened around me. As such, I didn't really mind. After all, I wouldn't have been bothered by it if I had been one of those leaves or stars, incapable of feeling emotion.

... There's something wrong today, though. Something that means I'm getting irritated at characters in books who don't even exist, and becoming irrationally angry with them.

I wonder why my thoughts are in such disarray. It's as if someone has thrown a rock into a body of water, which has known nothing but calm both afternoon and evening. The one holding the rock would be, of course, that busybody. They should be appearing soon as usual, come to think.

It isn't that I look forward to seeing them, but because of their meddling, it's become harder to be how I was before. I don't understand why, though. It's frustrating.

I wait for that person to come again today with the same vague sense of uneasiness.
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