Thursday, January 23, 2014

Riproarious Morning

Gran'ma and Jiya

Baby between two teddies

Yet another riproarious morning of hysterical laughter, crazy music, lip-smacking pedas, piping hot teabut it was a celebration with a difference. One-year-old JIYA JAJODIA was there. Grand-ma SUNITA JAJODIA had brought the child to the Garden to celebrate her first birthday with us. Her mother was also there. And that was what made all the difference.

SANTOSH TYAGI had also brought her five-year-old grand-daughter, KRUTIKA for the first time - evidently to show her what a wild bunch we can be. And she was not disappointed. For, in the presence of kids, we tend to go berserk... eager to outdo them at their game. Last Saturday, TIAN SERRAO (see post) was witness to how we only need an excuse to re-enact our childhood.

A bewildered Kruttika

Mother and child

Today, it was the turn of two more muppets.

But before that, SRICHAND ARORA, in his capacity as president of the Club, gifted Jiya a yellow teddy her size. Sunita opened her box of pedas and with the chai-wallah on call, it was one long session of photo-ops with the baby moving from lap to lap and posing for pics. In the biting cold of the morning, nothing could be any better to charge us up.

Finally, we got to extract a promise from Sunita to bring the baby back on her next birthday, same time same place. What's more, Jiya has been admitted as 'honorary' life-member of the Club -- like Tian was, four years back.
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