Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Executive Order: Bring Your Heart Along

So I just felt like I had to blog today. I have so many things on my mind that I have to share. One is because my heart is flooding because of a simple video put together about a lady's last few months to live and happiness he found at the end and courage to live life. It's has just wrenched on all of my feels! [@Samuraiox: Jesus. Maybe avoid this. This is terrifyingly beautiful and painful to each all at the same time: ] my own tweet about the story, watch the video so you aren't lost. So after watching this I realize I have a bigger gift than I thought to share with others. Since last September or so it's seemed I've had an overflowing of love from my heart. I thought it was a hinderance but I'm starting to think it's something better and stronger. I was trying to turn off my heart valve so I could build up my rage or strength and let Primal have the keys to the proverbial playground. I already know that's not able to happen. This love I share has made me strong and I'm not casting it aside just like that. I will work on making Primal strong again while caring at the same time! It is going to wear me out a lot but I know if I can accomplish this, he's going to be unimaginably strong! I am rethinking doing the social blackout but I know I need to do this for my own self. I'll be checking Instagram for artistic and creativeness reasons, but blog/fb/twitter won't be checked or updated. The blackout will begin with the post stating Ox 6 is live on Bandcamp and will end with the Berserk Volume 1 blog is put up. I'm excited and anxious for it all at the same time! I have a torrent of blog ideas already and trying not to post more than one a day but rest assured that there are quite a few coming, especially a new 'Tail' that deals with Crazy (jackal) actually gaining a spirit rider!

It's seems like the season is over but the last episode was fantastic and now I'm really hooked on the show! Big Chief and his GTO are both monsters! It got me an Josh talking about what we want to accomplish with our dream rides. I had forgotten all about nomads until the other day and he mentioned one was on the block at Barett Jackson...and we just got to talking about modifications and everything else...we haven't ever worked on many vehicles together so looking forward to putting time together under the hood of anything! The mods I want to do to Odin and a hauler, in the form of an El Camino, would make them insane. And his truck...we would have some real monsters for ourselves! He told me I'd have some trouble controlling Odin but I know our bond is strong enough that I'd be the only one that would be able to control him!!!

So yesterday was a pretty crazy day. I unearthed an old box of my old cell phones in hopes of finding a couple old conversations I had with Nicole. I found a couple pretty crazy things amongst them as well. That picture is of an Odin statue she found once in an oriental shop. I want to find one like it and put it in a glass case in Odin as well! A couple of my latest phones have some convos and I'll be sharing those soon. I have to figure the best way to get them off or transcribed or something! I have been missing her lately and then found one of her old ones that we could never get to work and she had a picture of me on it. We were going somewhere and we used to always stop and get ice cream cones because they were cheap and why the hell not?! But seeing me eat ice cream is wild because I'm like a toddler and it goes everywhere! I have it all in my beard and moustache and it's just a pretty amazing mundane moment...just miss sharing those times with her. But a lot of things I found in them as well, but they'll require turning on a computer for...which reminds me I need new ringtones and songs put on mine and all the photos cleared off...might be a long day. I've bumped up my 'hour of bass playing a day' goal too so now I'm losing that hour to get things done as well. Me and Toby got to talking about the new Rocksmith which made me break out the old one. I'm still looking forward to doing the 60day challenge, but I'll need to get the new one for it! Hopefully this body can hold together :p my hands were throbbing yesterday after playing Orchid and it was rejuvenating! Doing something completely and selfishly for myself. The ability to play bass will be on my list of accomplishments this year for certain!! 2 solid months of playing my bass will more than likely turn into routine and I'm alright with that...I want to be able to play Anesthesia by the end of the year! Out of everything else that happened yesterday, I also found time to blaze through the first season of Sherlock. I love how amazing that show is!! Easily my favorite show right now! Being Human is up there along with Faceoff and HIMYM! These are the random thoughts of today. Going to go strum away for an hour an get through the second season of Sherlock before the premiere tonight! I talked to a friend I haven't in a couple weeks and that was pretty fantastic! She is amazing and hard to think we are such good friends :) until later friends, don't be afraid to let people know how much they mean to you! I love you all and hope today treats you all well! I am going to be writing quite a significant amount in the following week. I have a certain goal I need to hit for Ox9 and we are gonna do it up big!!
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