Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sand still sifts through...

Plenty has happened the last few days that I feel like spilling my brains about. This week has been a massive undertaking of working on paintings. I meant to get a lot done on Thursday but just couldn't gain traction. Wait, let's go back a couple more days. Monday I spent working on some sort of schedule for this year with plans sorted amongst the months. (I spent time with my parents without my phone this Friday night and actually told them my goals for this year. Now it doesn't seem like I'm just locking myself in my room and sleeping all day. Glad they know my big goals for this year and I also think they love knowing I'm pursuing my paintings even more!) Tuesday I spent a good amount of time on getting 'Frankie' fixed up and sorted. Few subtle choices and changes and he finally got his Ice cream put in his hand which was the biggest thing. I just have a few subtle changes left and hoping to go big for the background but it just isn't hitting me so I'm setting it to the side right now. While I was putting a few hours in it, I was able to get a good couple hours into the second Game of Thrones book! Can't wait for April. I don't want to get through the third book yet so takin my time getting through the second. Then I'm gonna burn through 4 and 5 before the season next year.

I was talking to my brother and realized we follow the same shop and I mainly love their drawings they do. I'm jealous of Josh because he used to do drawings of cars growing up and I know he could still do badass ones of them. He should get a sketchbook and do that (nudge, nudge). So Tuesday night was a big one because I was worn down from putting so much into Frankie again, but got to watch Biggest Loser with my mom and it was ending...a fucking bat was spotted and made its way into a room that we trapped it. I prepared for battle and went after it...for nothing. I couldn't find it and I gave up after 20 mins thinking it went downstairs had made its presence known again to my mom when she went to I gave it another go in the morning and nothing. I was determined to get it at noon though. Banged on the walls and everything else and nothing. My mom found it and it looked like it had died. After a little messing around we found out it was very much alive. I caught it by its wing and wouldn't let it go. The fucking screech is horrific! So it screeched the whole way outside and I left it for the cats. At this point my adrenaline was through the fucking roof!! That damn was made better with rice later that night :) mother fucking rice time!! I also think it is time for everyone to stop having kids so we can say 'fuck it' and drill this country into the fucking ground!!

So I was just getting ready for bed Wed night and Lisa got ahold of me telling me about Bleach and where it has gotten. It was time to get caught up...I read all night and that blog will be its own seperate beast! A couple awesome things happened and the first was my friend, Allix, finished up her latest drawing of Audrey Hepburn and it looks fantastic!! I started my Audrey painting and keep getting messages that I need to check Allix's drawings out because apparently they don't know we are great friends! She does sell prints and you should definitely get ahold of her for one or a few :) Those are her latest and they are phenomenal :D the second awesome thing that came out was Marvel's next One Shot dealing with The Mandarin. He was a villain of Iron Man 3 and disappointed some people but I think the story was wrote to build him up like this!! The storylines are making more and more sense and I think Curt finally understood what I think is going to happen for Ultron...but those rings man...damn for sure ;) An interesting point Gavin brought up this week was about people wanting him to retweet things and such for people's bday and I was thinking just how much it would suck to be even marginally successful and known because people would want you to dance like a monkey all day long! Also Chops finally watched through Lost and rehashed old hatred for that damn show...

That finally brings us around to Friday. My dad got in earlier so I kinda just burned up time waiting for him. I was determined to get My Dracula and Audrey Hepburn paintings started! I got the basic lines thrown down on two new canvases and then got to work. Audrey was kept bugging me and I just couldn't get her to a point where I was happy with her. I finally started putting paint down and she has been coming together much better! I have the two decently started and lookin forward to their progression. Like I said earlier, I laid my year worth of plans out to my parents so they know an art show is my next big thing I want to accomplish. My paintings are for sale but don't put that out there just yet because I'll wait to see if I have any left after the show. Also Sixlets are possibly my favorite candy at the moment because they seem perfect! Other things I found out was these upcoming seasons of Sons of Anarchy, Newsroom, and Californication will all be their last...I'm not happy about it but I will accept it because they've had wonderful runs! Justified will be over next year too which makes me extra sad.

So now onto a bunch of random thoughts. They went to the Olympic Testing area on Biggest Loser in Utah and I was trying to explain to my mother just how fucking gorgeous those mountains are...and talking about them just can't do them justice! I realized that and now on my bucketlist is to get fit and hike up Little Big Horn again! It'd be awesome to take a handful of friends up and do it all together! (Let me know if you'd want to do something amazing like this, probably in 2015) I also realized that Jessica Nigri is actually pretty awful at cosplaying. She has her tits, but that really is all she has. I started looking at her costumes a little closer and they aren't quite up to snuff. But that's what makes cosplaying so great because you don't have to be awesome at it, she does have a great personality and she does have a great rack :p speaking of other cosplayers, I found out another one used to be a porn star! I realized she looked familiar and couldn't quite place it but then someone pointed out her porn name and everything sort of lined up in my mind! I don't mean anything bad about it, but it is also pretty hard to take someone seriously in a discussion that you know has bared it all...literally. I suppose the last little bit of info is about Comicbookgirl19's videos and she has started actually monetizing them personally and I think that is smart as hell! Looking forward to getting lost in all things Game of Thrones with her when it starts back up!

My mom tagged me in that post earlier today and I thought it was awesome! She actually cares that I'm chasing my own dreams and am succeeding and enjoying myself! The other day she commented on one of my brothers post he put up about how much he loves his sons and she said she loved hers (Josh and I) for the same reasons and said we have shown our merit and strength especially over the past couple years which really made me swell with a little pride because these last couple years haven't been anything a sane person could flinch at! Upcoming blogs: (1) Bleach and overlapping of life and themes blog, probably speak of a couple other Animes like Evangelion and Kenshin in this too. (2) the Second part of The Spirit Animals' Tail of Mr. Octopus (hopefully another regular Tail too). (3) December concert blog. (4) probably tell about a couple illustration things I'm working on for a friend with the next reg blog, this one just got to be a bit long. And finally with the Social Blackout I'm doing that will start on the 23rd (no fb, no twitter...possibly no blog) and will stretch to the 29th with the release of (5) the Berserk Volume 1 blog. Seriously go to the link in my last blog an read the first volume so we can have a big discussion!!
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