Monday, January 13, 2014

[Spirit] Tails: Octopus Arms

As Mook walked down the hallway, his nose twitched as it smelled something that had become beyond foul. As he prowled closer to the office where the meeting would take place, the ground became increasingly cold underneath his giant paws...Mook took a breath and pushed his way into the office where a man in a suit with no face sat and The Cougar was laying on a table, chained to the wall. The smell protruded the body that was laying on the ground in a pool of blood...

"This mess. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the shit I have to clean up for you collegue Grifter. He stole drugs from me and now you are in debt because of him. Had The Cougar not came looking for him and being trapped, I would have not had any recoursive action. Would you like to do a favor for me and clear your friends name?" The faceless man stated calmly. It was clear it wouldn't be a question that could be answered any way other than 'when do we start?'

The Cougar buried his face in his arms. He was not only disappointed that Grifter had reverted to old habits, but also that he was caught. Being the original spirit animal and the strongest with a berserker style rage when he digivolves...Mook understood this and accepted Octopus Arms' request for a favor. "What do we have to do to make this right?"

"You four have killed before, haven't you? I need one death to pay for this atrocity. I also need to scar your friend so he knows I'm not someone that can be taken advantage of. His death or the one I request will suffice my appetite. A heart with fresh blood is all I require from you..."

"You are not giving the answer I requested," Mook said through a clenched jaw and the faintest rumblings if growls finding their way amongst the words. A snarl started to form on the ridge of his nose. "Do not ask me to kill a friend. I understand your position but my kin are my blood, no matter their flaws. Do not see my anger as disrespect, but my blood runs hot because of this request."

"I do not feel threatened or disrespected. You will need that for certain. A polar bear lives on the outside of my jurisdiction and resides inside a cave. He is on the cusp of a spirit animal, such as yourself, and has found a way to gain access to manifesting himself amongst the living. This just will not do. I believe there is two more to your party? A jackal and a lynx, if I recall correctly. You'd be wise to take them as well. Even you with all your power will not be an easy fight for all your power in your digevolved form. This bear tips the scale over the 1000lb mark...even your sphinx being battle ready is only 700lb. How will you overcome such odds? That's not a concern of mine because I only request one heart. You have my terms...take your friend and I will be watching you." And with those words, The Cougars collar un clasped and he jumped down and cowered behind Mook.

"Pray you do not see us again, Dave. You will be displeased!" And The Cougar shot through the door and down the hallway...

"This is now your mess. Have your friends bite their tongue when speaking to me. The blood they taste in their own mouth will remind them that they are better off tasting it than I am."

"Understood" Mook said. His teeth were still clamped together, "you'll be seeing us again very soon...
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