Saturday, January 11, 2014

OMG! Bernardi isn't just a conservative! He's a libertarian! Gasp.

Oh dear - .

[Cori] Bernardi is no conservative. Rather, he is the ringleader of a set of political misfits inspired by a discredited American-style, muscular Christian, radical right-wing politics ill at ease with the mainstream sensibilities of Australian politics.

A similar lesson applies to his fellow-travellers in the "conservative" commentariat. Whether it is Andrew Bolt, Tim Blair or Piers Akerman (who lies awake at night worrying about the left-wing bias of the ABC TV children's program Peppa Pig), or think tanks such as the Institute of Public Affairs, few qualify as genuine conservatives. Many are better described as libertarians.

I suppose I should be pleased that someone in the Fairfax press has finally realised that the IPA is better described as being libertarian. But I just wonder why anyone who knows the word 'libertarian' could describe Cory Bernardi as being anything other than a social conservative - he is certainly not a libertarian.

But this does really raise another issue. Why is the left and its spear carriers going berserk over a back-bencher with conservative views? Especially why are they trying to demonise him - creating publicity for his views while labelling them as extreme? I suspect they are trying to delegitimise views that a largish minority of the population share.

UPDATE: Nick Dyrenfurth writes on Twitter that his views have been misrepresented. I have invited him to write a guest post reply correcting he record.
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