Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I Charge. This is a Flaw of Mine.

That is one of the most beautiful pictures I've seen of a Dodge Charger. Its name alone got me thinking about how much I'm trying to take charge of everything around me now. I wake up in the morning and have breakfast now which consists of a couple fruits. I'm even going to the point of having salads for lunch too and plenty of peppers and carrots as well. I'm not trying to do anything drastic just yet, just little things and those are probably the biggest. Fruits and vegetables are the steps for now and this spring will hopefully bring a tractor tire I can tumble down the driveway a few times a day. I am going to set time aside for meditation, bushido training, and walking at least a few times a week...but most of those hefty goals are going to be set for spring/summer and I'm really going to work myself down. Right now I'm pretty focused on getting a few things taken care of. The first one is getting everything figured out for an art showing. I might actually need a decent place, but the second is getting Ox9 done. I have started planning out this year a little more and the goal by the end of the year is to have 'Cata' at least in its first draft. Many things are in to place and I need to call around to different places about doing a showing for my art. I am thinking I might want to do another by the end of the year, but we will see. As far as Ox9 goes, I need to be getting a screen printer together and working to make the printed CDs. I also need to finish the narrative of the CD. These are the big plans for this year but I also have smaller ones which are part of getting in shape as well as set aside a half hour each day to strum on Orchid and get better a playing my bass guitar. Another is my bushido/meditation hour I'll set aside. I also want to finish the 2nd Game of Thrones book before the new season starts. I am also going to be doing the Berserk volume blog. I am going to do a volume every week starting on the 29th. That's going to be a significant day because I'm going to be on a 'social blackout' from when I release Ox6 on Bandcamp on the 23rd. I am going to check my Instagram on my phone and keep in touch only twice a day, but I'll be taking FB and Twitter off my phone so I won't be tempted. I hope a couple people want to join the conversation about Berserk and want to know more!!


I finally have a big problem with the new movie 'I, Frankenstein'. I could overlook a lot of flaws with the movie and could see just having a good time at the movie...until the latest promo and he stated that "It takes a monster to kill a monster" and that's the worst line I've ever heard uttered. It goes against all of Berserk and Hellsing...a man is the only thing that can kill a monster. The only reason something is called a monster is because it hasn't stood toe-to-toe with a human being! So that's that. I won't be seeing that movie now. Switching gears and bringing this to your attention- Joseph Gordon-Lovett's new show 'HitRECordTV' is awesome and you should check it out on YouTube! It's pretty fantastic because he has joined many artists in a forum and they all come up with these brilliant collaborations! It really is something kind of beautiful!! [here is the link: ]...and now a steampunk dragon made from scrap that I found to be quite astonishing!! If someone could make me that, all the love you could ever desire ;)

Yeah, I suppose you'd enjoy seeing a lovely lady? I can't remember if I have put this anywhere yet but figure this would be a good place for it:That is Sasha Grey an she is truly lovely. It is true that she used to be a pornstar, but now she is an incredibly talented writer an actress! I found out about her from watching the show 'Entourage' and she was simply stunning on it!

And here is a new one of Maria from ITM. It was strange because I haven't seen them in a few years and they are still the first band that I saw grow and actually make it in this industry! Made me some great contacts in the business and I'll never forget that gorgeous gal in a cute dress and a hoodie, but I had received a comment on one of my old videos from back in the day of them. Someone said they were tired of the outfit changes during the shows and the over-the-top theatrics of their shows...kinda makes me sad because their music alone is incredible and can carry them! I think it has always been a fantasy to have Maria dressed in tighter or less clothing, but honestly I miss the gal in the cute dresses. Oh well, you have to sell a part of your soul to succeed in other people's eyes. I've been thinking recently about a bucketlist and can't really seem to come up with much. My list has come down to (1) Turning Odin into a show van and taking him on the road, (2) traveling and visiting all the continental US with him and even dipping his tires in both Oceans! (3) making a hot rod with my brother, (4) and I also want to hone my crafts of writing and painting...and sitting in a class taught by Casey Baugh would be simply amazing! Before I wrap this one up, I want to leave you with a thought that has been hanging around for a few days now: "They won't always remember what you said or what you didn't say, but they'll always remember how you made them feel"...pretty powerful thought if you really dive into it. Makes a lot of sense too as I'm connecting with a ton of people it seems these days :)
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