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Cool Products Friday, December 27, 2013

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. You can view all new J-List products by clicking .

TODAY'S NEWthe definitive bishoujo moe poster magazine! Enjoy 20 beautiful pinups of your favorite girls from anime like Strike the Blood, Girls und Panzer, Wake Up Girls, White Album 2, Non Non Biyori, Chu2Koi, Unbreakable Machine Doll, and more. Plus get the latest anime news on what's hot and moe in Japan. Remember, these always sell out faster than we plan, so get your issue quickly.

This is a new issue of the super popular NyanType, a Megami-like magazine full of sexy girl character posters, articles on the latest bishoujo anime series, and more.

Here's a new issue of Animage, the magazine that has shaped how we view animation more than any other.

See a nice restocking of all-ages manga, including the popular ecchi manga series, Maken-ki. Browse our selection now.

We got a new How to Draw Manga and this time you will learn how to draw yuri couples + new "sexy pose" books.

We made the last (?) update of Kyoani calendar restockings, so if you love Kyoukai no Kanata, Chu2koi or Free!, grab one now.

Also: since the last update a dozen 2014 Japanese calendars have sold out. Make sure you get the one(s) you want before our EMS sale ends Jan 3!

Mars Power, Makeup! The elegant and fiery Sailor Mars gets an action fiSailor Mars S.H. Figurearts figure. But keep her away from Hentai Woody.

Other nice figures posted in stock today include the Tony Taka Peace Keeper butterfly girl, something for Berserk fans, black & white Woody + more.

Check out what's hot and what's not in Japan's street fashion. Featuring the latest trends and clothing, and no ads at all!

See a nice update of our popular shimapan in various sizes, along with ichigo pantsu and more.

2014 is the Year of the Horse, and you can have loads of fun with one of these at your New Year parties. There's still time to order!

J-List carries many fun and wacky T-shirts with Kanji messages like this "I Love Imouto" and "Support the Emperor and Expel the Foreign Barbarians."

Eva fans, we have something new for you to collect. Introducing the Official Evangelion Socks. So cool, stylish and distinctly Eva.

Yes! We were able to get more stock of those Evangelion x Logos stainless steel tumblers and Attact on Titan coffee cups, just in time for the Third Impact.

Need a little help protecting your glasses from scratches and dust? Check out this cute little fella who is ready to take the burden of holding onto your glasses.

This little kitty cat is a delightfully cute stand for your glasses, TV remote, iPhone, smartphone or other devices you need to keep track of.

A high end action figure from TOMY DIRECT JAPAN, that is highly detailed and has great articulation!

More fun items restocked: the electric Taiyaki maker, for making delicious fish-shaped pancake-like snacks, so popular in anime.

This special origami set features the lovable Yuru-Chara Gunma-chan, the popular mascot of Gunma prefecture (the home of J-List).

Great tools to help you learn Japanese, with text books, note books, pens, and official Kanji training booklets. Make it your goal for the new year!

Leave it to the masterminds at Frito-Lay in Japan to come up with this mind-blowing fusion of Cheetos and Mountain Dew. Try some now!

We've got this year's Meiji Rich Strawberry Chocolate in, which is always a treat, plus enjoy Meiji 100% Juice Gummy in "Chardonnay" flavor.

We love Japanese chewing gum and bubble gum, and we restocked some of our favorite types, including Black Black Caffeine Gum.

See restocked Popin' Cookin' DIY sushi candy, + Oekaki gummy art, Black Sugar Caramel from Okinawa, Ramune Bottle Candy, Green Tea Milky Candy + more!

We also restocked some cute bento boxes including something for fans of pandas, plus traditional bento all will love to eat from.

We have a nice restocking of bento accessories, too, including everything you need to make food so cute, you won't want to eat it.

We've restocked several cute Wiener Cutters which turn boring sausages into cute flowers, penguins and other shapes. "Do not confuse with TENGA."

Plus lots of great accessories to make your lunch into a delectable treat, complete with fish shaped sauce containers and bright colored separators.

Dress us as a ninja, prepare traditional tea, or decorate your home for a traditional New Year celebration with these fun products from Japan.

You can get ready for the Kouhaku red-and-white song battle concert this year with the official , or browse the !

Remember, J-List is exploding with Sailor Moon products right now, so browse for the products you want, before the preorders sell out and are removed.

Fans of High School DxD will love this official 3DS adaptation full of ecchi and moe events starring your favorite sexy characters!

Preorder this box set of adorable "Petanko" sitting-pose figures of the Fate/Zero cast, perfect for display. Collect them all.

And for fans of busty warrior girls, here's a preorder figure of Pirate Captain Liliana from Queen's Blade with cast-off functionality. Smoking!

The cool super soldier gets a new Nendoroid figure! Featuring Levi in his classic uniform equipped w/ the awesome 3D Maneuver Gear!

Show your love for the fun action anime, Kill la Kill, by preordering this gorgeous figure of sexy and badass protagonist Ryuko Matoi.



Get the latest issue of Dengeki Moeoh, the awesome comic/art magazine for fans of cute moe girls. This is the single most popular 2D ero magazine, covering the sexy side of anime, visual novels and more, and every issue comes packed with original illustrations by top artists, including some that are so ecchi they come sealed in their own booklet! This issue comes with an exclusive Dengeki Moeoh Artbook. Supply limited, so buy now!

With oversized pages and many beautiful girls, Bejean continues to be one of the best magazines among customers at J-List.

Artists need pictures of sexy Japanese girls in various poses in order to perfect their skill. That's our story and we're sticking to it.

Talented h-mangaka doumou presents his much awaited first book compiling his popular works into one awesome volume.

Ever thought of getting into S&M but you just don't know where to start? This simple guidebook will teach you with cute manga characters.

Today's restocked ero manga include Icchau Karada, Otokonoko Slave, Futanari Relations, and the epic Porno Switch. Click to browse.

Feast your eyes on our newly restocked ecchi artbooks filled with mind-blowing illustrations from top artists such as NishiEda, Kamiyamaneki + more.

We got a great new anal hole from Twinkle Rubbers that accurately recreates the amazing sensation of backside penetration.

We posted a huge number of popular anime-themed onaholes, from SAO to Accel World to Oreimo and Sailor Moon. Happy fantasies in 2014!

The product that will change the way you view catgirls forever is back in stock, the Cat Tail Anal Plug!

The best massagers in the world is the Iroha series by the makers of TENGA. Click and view the amazing pictures we've posted.

Cosplay is more fun when it's personal, and we love the ecchi products we restocked today, from shimapan to strawberry panties + more.

You can score a huge number of awesome hentai games plus ero manga, personal stress toys and more. But they'll go away next month!

From the studio that brought you Dies irae and other fantastic games comes a thrilling new visual novel full of epic battles and larger-than-life characters.

Also, see ChinShinGura 46+1 (an eroge about the 47 Samurai), Tsujido-san no Virgin Road, Cocoro @ Function! and several other titles.


A high budget remastering of the classic JAV production starring Mihiro, Yoshizawa Miho and many more which tells the fascinating story of the Tokugawa Shogun and the many women who pleasured him. A fantastic production, now available with much more detail than ever before.

A superb Blu-Ray parody featuring Tsubomi, Ai Uehara, Tsuna Kimura and Love Otome in performing in hot Kuroneko costumes! Kuroneko is love!

Lesbian are on parade in this hot 8 hours best-of collection featuring no less than 41 hot girls enjoying themselves together.


Finally, a super ero update of titles from Japan's top JAV studios, including Cosplay Chronicle HD 8 Hours, Tsubomi Best Selection 16 Hours, Wives Oil Massage 8 Hours, Euro Women Meet Japanese Massage, Mega Re-Mix Lesbian 16 Hours, Tentacle Ecstasy vol. 10, 12 and 13, reissues of classic JAV releases starring Mizuho Kanou, Aino Kishi, Hitomi Hayasaka and Tina Yuzuki, and more!
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