Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Chronicles Of The Heroic Knight

Ashram arrives at the Temple Of Marfa and demands to know about Bramd the ice dragon's treasure, which is one of the Governor's Treasures, to take for himself. His goal is to acquire the Governor's Treasures in order to fulfill his late master's wish by obtaining the Sceptre Of Domination. He reveals to Neese that he killed Bramd and she informs him the treasure was sold off and thus is not the treasure he is after. When Ashram leaves she sends a summons for Leylia, Slayn and their daughter Neese from Zaxon. Elsewhere, Shiris, Orson and a few other enforcers head to Zaxon to collect overdue taxes for Duke Raster. But Cecil, a sorcerer, protects the village so Shiris draws him out into a trap. Deedlit and Parn save Cecil but Orson goes into a berserker rage when Parn defeats Shiris, only calming down as a result of Deedlit's spells. Slayn, Leylia and Neese arrive shortly afterwards informing Parn to go with them back to consult the elder Neese.

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