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Anicoma Diary Blogger Diary #8 : December 2013 School's Out ! Merry Xmas Everyone

Hi otakus !

Yup, it's the end of the year and I would like personally to thank everyone for staying tune to Anicoma Diary, ( family, friends, viewers, bloggers and many more ) but then again the plane and train tickets would be really expensive. ( Sponsors anyone? XD )

Think Russia, US, Malaysia ( hey, that's my home country lol ), Germany, Indonesia, France ( my penpal aka album artist Monica Klamm is from there ^^ ), Taiwan, Japan, Italy and even Ukraine !

Again, you might be thinking why I used this photo instead of the usual, well, it's going to be a brand new 2014 soon. So, I did a hair make-over :P

Well, 2014 would be a real busy year for me. Here's why ! ^^




"Grant of License

APPLICATION is licensed to you by ASOBIMO for personal and non-commercial use only."

Please be aware that we cannot allow our contents to be commercially used.

You are able to make your own novel if its not for commercial use, and if you would like to use any illustrations, logo designs, screenshots, etc. from Iruna Online, please make sure to also add the following copyright on the same page.

(C) ASOBIMO,INC. All rights reserved.

You may use the images when the above copyright is added.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, however we hope you continue to enjoy playing Iruna Online.

Thank you,

Iruna Online Customer Support

Sorry for the bold and loud letters ! This project is still ongoing. 18 players had contributed themselves into the main cast of the visual novel. Original storyline credited to Asobimo, Inc. Images were taken from Bass Novel Database and will be credited to their respective artists.


We would really appreciate it :3


Of unknown circumstances, the protagonist is thrown into the Iruna World and tries to find himself/herself back to the real world. Upon his/her arrival, the protagonist stumbles on a group of players, who were also brought into the Iruna World as mercenaries to battle against the evil forces of the Army of Darkness which not only threatens the gaming world but also their own...


Protagonist : Samuel/Samantha ( Will be called Sam throughout the game )

Main Characters id=46891092

Name : crazyket ~ wont change

Character No : 19

Class : monk

Personality : aloof, indecisive, introvert, helpful, moody, loyal

Favourite word : woot.

Favourites : lasagna/cats/manga/sleep

Dislikes : morning/waking up/cockroaches/fortune (those stars)

ps. I want this too

Name : Koikoi (but original name is Koi)

Character No : #2

Class : Enchanter

Personality : Helpful, secretive, friendly, happy-go-lucky, nice

Favourite word : "Oh my shocks!"

Favourites : Chocolate/sweets/desserts, drain (lol) Dislikes : Ghost/ cockroach and spider/ dangerous stuffs like knives 0.0

Name : Sigma

Character No : #1

Class : Paladin

Personality : Quiet, secretive, shy, helpful, willing to sacrifice himself for friends

Favourite word : "..." (being shy and thinking of what to say lol)

Favourites : Reading, Relaxing on cool-looking mapsStargazing,Using Guard to protect friends

Dislikes : Fighting without reason, using Berserk

Name : Roden

Character No : 13

Class : Ninja

Personality : (like Naruto personality)

Favourite word : ya' know!

Favourites : Ramen xD

Dislikes : hurting my frnds!

Name : Pride Bigbooty

Character No : 14

Class : Paladin(everyone knows all the girls as paladins are hot, or at least seem that way. Deep down inside they are manly, manly enough to be a man like me.)

Personality : Weird, Insane, Trusting, creepy, Cute, funny, Tomatoy

Favorite Phrase : No worries

Favorites Things: Boy, Girls, Friends, All of those who are ether of those and want to be the 3rd one.

I Dislike these things: Tomatoes, Giant egos, Waking up because some noob decided "hey man I'm gonna warcry right next to this He/she thing".


Born on the 4th of may, shes a taurus, age unknown. She loves sweets and manga, tough she tries to hide it under a "cool" type of facade. Shes actually a tsundere, so anyone trying to get close to her except her closest friends might end up in huge trouble if they make a mistake. Her favorite phrase is "no!" Tough she tries too say yes more often, but everything always ends up wrong.. shes a bit clumsy with words. Shes a magic sword monk, so she heals strong, and damages strong. Shes got high intelligence, critical and agility, so expect smart comments from her all the time. Using her claws when shes angry, her attacks are LETHAL. If you happen to make her angry... expect a claw rage attack. Her low vitality makes her more of an indoors type, but she is planning on improving it. Her favorite food is anything with chocolate. She loves dark chocolate.

Unknown to most people, she has a split personality.

Name: Emma

Lilly's split personality, triggered when one of her love interests are threatened to death, or severely injured. She appears to have the same main characteristics as Lilly when it comes to likes and dislikes, tough she preefers white chocolate over dark chocolate. She doesnt care what others think of her, as long as the one she loves likes her. She will do whatever it takes to achieve her goal, no matter the consequences. Obviously a yandere, she uses sickle, and occasionally a poison knife, depending on the situation she is in. Not much is known about Emma... other than that getting Lilly back, will be hard.

Name : Zef

Character No : no idea..... Can I have black long hair??

Class : Assassin

Personality : coward, Bad tampered, cry easily

Favourite word : sucks!!

Favourites : leveling, kitty, fish.

Dislikes : coward kind of guy.

Name : C'ecaniah

Character No : 4

Class : ( You can choose whatever class you like ) HIGH WIZ. (Even if I'm just a nub wiz at the moment 0-0)

Personality : Lurker, quiet, intelligent, slightly hyperactive when comfortable.

Favourite word : ( Your character will say this word most of the time ) Oya oya

Favourites : Donuts, ice cream and anything sweet; cute plushies, cool swords, chilling.

Dislikes : Lack of donuts. Nah, being lost HUM HUM?

Name :Squall

Character No :no idea

Class : Gladiator

Personality : enchanter, lovely, handsome, loyal, and helpful

Favourite word ear, love

Favourites : gunblade, challenge, enjoy, laugh, make womens happy

Dislikes : selfish, bad persons, bosses

Name : Shadow fiend ( Nvrmore )

Character No : - ( idk look at where,lol )

Class : Assassin ( its a new version of sauro..^^)

Personality : Mysterious

Favourite word : Hasta la vista baby ( copy paste from terminator )

Favourites : Fried rice , doggy

Dislikes : Begging , talkative person

Name : Kam

Character No : 99

Class : Sniper

Personality : Blunt, Agressive at times, Annoyed, Bored

Favourite word : "Hmph."

Favourites : Quick witted, Stabbing things with arrows, Mascara.

Dislikes : Beggars, Overly Happy and Talkative People, Stupidity and Rain

Name: Alexander Crimson ( Ryukengan )

Character No : 0?

Class : Gladiator

Personality : Likes to tease People, Perverted, Cheesy, Calm (not always), (will edit later?)

Favourite word : Geez

Favourites : Cats, Berserking, Blood Scythe, Rain, Night, Darkness, Cookies

Dislikes : People talking Bull****, Beggars, Overly attached Girls

Name :Leo ( Kirotachi )

Character No :

Class : high wizard

Personality : lazy, trustworthy, calm and likes helping others but wont admit it.

Favourite word : what a pain

Favourites : likes to collect staffs, and fighting strong opponents.

Dislikes : liars and people who deceive others.

Name : Tilt

Character No : idk yet

Class : Bishop

Personality : helpful, over hyped about everything,

Favourite word : Merp

Favourites : likes experimenting with stuff,learning stuff,collecting stuff, helping people.

Dislikes : having a limitation,

Name : Ronja

Character No :17

Class : ( High Wizard )

Personality :active, playful, like to joke.. sometimes selfish and love to laugh.... buahahhah x)

Favourite word : ( Jeezz..... )

Favourites : Reading Books, Taking picture And adventure

Dislikes :waiting.... >.
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