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"Silent Witness: And then I fell in love, part 1-2a scary view of Muslim attitudes on western women

Every Friday now, they show "Silent Witness". A series we have followed through the years, about pathologists solving crimes. Unfortunately, it doesn't start until 22:00, when I am winding down, but for once they have at least been smart and showing two-part episodes back to back. You don't want to wait a week for the conclusion. But, it means staying up till midnight, which is not really my thing most Fridays. Last week I fell asleep the first five minutes and woke up right before the credits. Not so last night. This was a really nerve wrecking episode and one that leaves you with assured nightmares! No way I could fall asleep!

Perhaps I found it extra creepy, because I had just finished the book on Gaddafi's harem, earlier in the day. For two days I had spent my time, reading about a sex maniac that kidnapped teenage girls and raped them for years. I will do a write-up about that book in the next couple of days since it needs to be highlighted! But for now, I will leave it for the most part and get back to the TV program that kept the same theme and not only gave nightmares but also raised a lot of questions in me.

A group of Pakistani young men, in their 20s, run a mini cab business. But their main income is from the sex slaves they are selling to fellow arab men. Or South Asian men as they called them in the TV program. In the program, a lot of the Muslim view of western women, comes through. Lately I have seen a madman in Saudi Arabia promise his listeners in a Mosque, how they will all be given 19 000 virgins to have sex with, when they have died. And let's say, they were all VERY attentive, including his son. ( ) In the book about Gaddafi's sex slaves, it stood clear that teenage virgins is the thing that is most important. As well as plenty of sex. In the Finnish book "Asphalt Angels", the author brings up how Muslim fathers are very strict with their daughters, keeping them shut up, covered up and kill them if they disgrace their family. But the sons are allowed everything. It is perfectly alright for them to sit at the kitchen table and say that all women are whores. To sow their oats, with white western girls because they are all whores anyway and brought up for this purpose. THIS is what this "Silent Witness" is all about!

Umer, the leader of the Pakistani men, is quite the charmer. He hangs about outside a school in his area of London, and flirts with all the girls. When the program starts, his "girlfriend" Shannon, has run away, so his fellow culprits, are searching for her. At the same time he is oiling Shannon's friend Amy, for the future. Amy thinks he is in love with her and when he gives her a gold heart necklace and a narcotic pill, she gladly accepts both. He takes her to a park where he lets his friend rape her. From there, they bring her to a room, where they lock her up and let punters pay 50 pounds to go in and rape her. Att first, she is so out of it, that she only realises in a daze, what is happening to her. But she soon is looking for a way out. There is none.

The way that all comes to light, is when the pathologist Nikki, witness a girl running out in front of a car. It's Shannon. She is taken to hospital but refuses to talk. The police discovers that she has been missing for 5 months and that her mother and her Indian (?) step-father has assumed that she ran away after the father not having approved of her boyfriend, that fed her drugs. Shannon never wants to tell anyone what she has been through. She is petrified of the Pakistani gang, and they do their best at retrieving her since she is their money cow! Especially after her best friend Amy, tries to escape from their clutches, by setting fire to her prison, hoping the fire alarm will go off. It doesn't and she dies in the fire. Shannon doesn't know that Amy is dead though, so she continues to chat with her on Facebook, not realising that it is Umer she chats with who has hijacked the account.

Meanwhile, there is a third school girl from the same school, who has caught the eye of Fawad, one of the Pakistani men. Her name is Laurel, and like the other girls, she is only 14 and a virgin. She doesn't really dare to socialize with the man on her own, so she makes her shy friend Hannah come along, when she meets him. She doesn't understand how inappropriately she acts with him and in what danger she is in. She sends him photos of her intimate parts on her mobile, she lets him join her in a changing room at a shopping mall, for him to take intimate photos of her in there. All the time he is very flirtatious and he buys the two girls lots of things.

The fourth member of the gang, is a big, overweight silent young man named Younis and for some reason, he doesn't completely seem to approve of what is going on. He doesn't take part in the rapes, but he does as he is told. Until he meets Hannah. He is attracted to her, but he also sees that she is not like the other girls, that she doesn't really want to be there at all. She on the other hand is frightened of him. She is actually relieved when Fawad takes the two girls to meet Umer. He is flirtatious as usual even though Amy has just died in the fire and Shannon still can't be retrieved. Soon they all meet up again and this time, Umer has had Fawad buy clothes for the girls, to go club-ing with them all. The girls are persuaded to take drugs and when they are half out of it, Umer and the others, bring the girls to a hotel, since the usual room is out of limits, after the fire. The hotel, looking like a private house, is run by a sleazy man who wants part of the cake, since he is fully aware of what the men are up to. He is made to stay outside tough. Laurel is taken to one room, and Hannah to another where Younis is set to guard her. From that room the two of them can hear how Umer rapes Laurel. The others film the whole thing and Hannah starts getting all scared. Younis finally does the right thing, tells her to go make herself sick in the bathroom and when the others come to rape her, they get disgusted and tell Younis to take the girls to the usual place where they will rape Hannah, later on.

Younis get the girls out, but Umer suddenly doesn't trust him, so he has told one of the others to stay behind. When Younis and the girls come out, a fight ensues and Younis gets stabbed. But he has knocked the other man down so they can all escape in his car. He dies behind the wheel though. Hannah and Laurel gets home to not so understanding mothers. When the police tries to get information, the mothers refuse the police access to the girls. And Shannon who has returned home, still does not want to talk and tell the entire story.

Through CCTV the police is puzzling together what has been going on. Umer goes berserk when he realises how many of the girls have now got away and he decides to really shame Shannon, by putting up a video of her getting raped, on YouTube. He sends her the link and when she watches it, she gets so scared that her parents will find out, that she hangs herself. Two of the men get arrested, while Umer has taken a call to drive a client from a golf course, by taxi. The client is Shannon's stepfather, who beats Umer to death.

When the program ended, I could not go off to sleep. And I woke up this morning thinking about the program. Of course there were lose ends. The two arrested men will of course blame Umer for everything. Amy and Shannon that could have testified are dead. Shannon's dad, can plead temporary insanity no doubt, since first his daughter had been missing for five months, then she hangs herself in the stairwell and finally he finds her mobile phone and sees the video of her getting raped. Who would not loose their mind and think about revenge? Question is if Hannah's testimony will count for anything? She only heard through a wall, what happened to her friend. And Laurel, high on drugs, will anyone listen to her? It was Umer that raped her and Fawad filming. Those two other monsters might get off on a charge of accessories. And then they are out to catch more white whores as they kept calling the girls, behind their backs. "Them being raised to be whores".

I think that the most shocking about this program was how believable it was. What can a parent really do when their teenage daughter get besotted with a boy much older than her, that is no good for her and gets her to do things that she should not? The father of "Shannon" tried to make her stop seeing "Umer" but she was so in love, she would not listen. 14-years-old and having her whole life ruined. Instead of committing suicide, she should have trusted her parents love and got therapy! The other thing is that it's never a good idea to get involved with a muslim man if you are not a muslim yourself. It doesn't matter how long he has been in your country. His religion is different from yours and I am sorry for all people who disagree with me out there, but the truth is, that MOST muslim men looks upon women as whores. Especially western world women. Too much literature prove this. Too many reports in the news disclose this fact. Too many "honour killings" and deaths prove it. You only have to drive down to Malm 's Roseng rd to hear it thrown in your face. Us women are not blind! You can't fool us. Don't care if people will call me islamophobic after this. But I am so disgusted by all that I have seen lately and read. Nothing says something different. Women are worth nothing in Islam! Only if the men let them, and few seem to do so.

I can imagine that this program raised a debate in Britain. It should! And not just there. Human trafficking is going on all over. Eastern European women are lured west with promises of jobs that turn out to be in the sex industry. Girls are kidnapped and sold. When they run away, they have nowhere to run but home where they are re-captured or sold by family again. It is a nasty, nasty business. In this case, it was 14-year-old girls, from the same school. The parents seemed very absent in their lives. What scared me the most was, how a child can think that she can not tell her parent when she is in trouble. That should always be something a child should be able to count on. If a child can not make mistakes and know that at least their parent will help, the child is really out on deep water and helpless. An easy prey. The second scary thing with watching the program, is having two daughters myself. With a vivid imagination, I could imagine what those girls felt. The humiliation, the horrible fear and the realisation of how idiotic they had been, and all this too late. You can never turn the clock back. This world has some real monsters out there and you have to teach your children, to not trust. How awful is that? But there is no other way! At the same time, you can't protect them from everything and they will fight for independence. I guess as a mother one can only hope for good sense and that they will not be in the wrong place, at the wrong time nor be gullible.
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