Friday, November 1, 2013

progress and shit

192.8 pounds at the moment.

Soon to get rid of that and get back to 170 if possible.

I've been waaaaaaaaaaaaaay over weight all these years and didn't know it. It's just silly. I'm going to eat maybe one meal a day from now on till I'm dead. I swear to God. Why? Because we've been brainwashed in this society to eat everything under the sun, and that's done nothing but make us big butter balls.

I'm faster, I'm stronger, I'm feeling younger, all because I'm getting rid of fat. Good lord in heaven if I only knew about this 10 years ago...

oh well, I'll pass the info on to someone else one day and they'll be better off than me that's all...

As for the static shock movie... Got a line from the script already written.

Static says to his friend, "Some things I can do, some things I can't." This line is pivotal as it demonstrates to the audience what being a hero's all about. Sacrifice. Static realizes he's not invincible and that every time he goes out into battle he's risking everything for someone else, but that's what he has to do. In the trailer, after he says "some things I can do." I show him shooting electricity. After "some things I can't, "he gets his ass kicked and he's full of blood."

Then it ends on Static going Berserker Rage and powering up a huge hadouken of lightning.

Kinda like this:

Gonna kick ass.
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