Friday, November 29, 2013

Record of Lodoss War

After mistaking Deedlit for a Marmo dark elf, out-of-work mercenaries Shiris and Orson attack Parn, Woodchuck, Etoh and Deedlit. When Parn disarms Shiris, Orson shows himself to be a berserker, someone possessed by a Hyuri (a spirit of anger). Shiris realises her mistake and tries eventually calms Orson down. Meanwhile Ghim is growing more anxious to free Leylia from Karla's possession and travels to Karla. He implores Karla to leave Leylia but she refuses and attacks him just as the rest of the group arrive. Karla shows Parn her old home of Kastuul, which was destroyed. She justifies that by killing Beld she prevented power over Lodoss from being under the control in just one place and that a war prevents total destruction of Lodoss, avoiding a repeat of Kastuul. She offers Parn to join her to help guide Lodoss with her but it angers him that she treats people as pawns. As the group tries to remove the circlet Karla unleashes her powers on them but Ghim is able to remove it at the cost of his life after bearing the brunt of her power. Leylia is freed from Karla but after Woodchuck disappears it is revealed that Karla has possession over him.

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