Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gaming: Warframe Update 11

Warframe just had their livestream a few days ago and after watching their update on what is expected on U11, I guess it's time to prepare to return to becoming a space ninja once again.Sharpen my parkour skills and my aiming.Now, I may share some stuff that was mentioned on the livestream but you probably can see the full summary on the forums.What is expected on Warframe U11 is that there will be 2 new bosses, 2 new warframes (Berserker and Ember Prime), a new tileset for Jupiter, and a revamp on a boss.Forgot what that boss was but it was something that can be viewed as a good thing.Armor/Damage revamp was also mentioned.Not sure about the details but they did say that if you haven't quit playing the game, then this update might give you another reason.However I guess they're just scaring their viewers because of the negative feedbacks they received on the forums.That's why I don't frequent the forums that much because they're all "you should do this because it sucks at the moment" type posters but there are a few with constructive criticism with valid ideas that can make it better.

They did show the PS4 version of Warframe.But I guess I'll still be sticking to PC since I can't just abandon my long hours since cross-platform isn't an option.They also presented a new GUI.Introduce Codex, where you can scan enemies and other stuff to collect data which is cool because it shows you what they drop and where they can be seen on a mission.Stealth has been boosted for more EXP.And they also introduced a drone machine that could mine and gather resources for you while you are away.They did mention that you can have more than one drone and can use two at a time.Not sure how that will work but I guess it's better to have a helper than none at all.If you missed the whole livestream, you can watch them here.

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