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Age of Mitgardia: the first MoC


Over on the Eurobricks forum, there is a running project called Guilds of Historica, it was featured on Brickmania as well, and basically you get to chose one of the four guilds, make a `sigfig` aka your character, and then participate in various `My Own Creation` build projects.

These can be either `guild challenges`, storyline depictions, or various free builds run by each seperate guild.

The setting is a medieval fanatsy, and through the MOCcing you get sort of an interactive story, where you can earn titles or tags for display on your profile.Nothing fancy, just good spirited building to keep people motivated.

The four guilds are as follows:

Nocturnus: doom, gloom, desolate wastes, orcs, goblins, evil wizards... you know, the traditional bad guys / oppressed ones / enslavers etc

Avalonia: think your classic mystical fantasy setting, with lush forests and rolling plains

Midgardia: the norse, with tundra plains, mountainous regions, yetis

Kaliphlin: the desert guild, with mummies, arab styles and even the orient.

Even though I was in doubt between the last two, I eventually picked Midgardia because I have a ton of white bricks compared to the tan ones, and I have a love for Ice Saints.Okay, point 1 was the reason but heck.

Here is my character that will be doing `my affairs` in the frozen lands, Hagen of the village of Merak, born under the Beta star of Ursa Majoris and protected by the constellation Steed Sleipnir.

Old meets new, as that is still a helmet I have from my `Yellow Castle`... released in 1978, while the face for example is from the A-Wing Han Solo of... 2013.A minifig spanning 35 years of bricks hehehe.

In guild, Midgardia is running an Age of Midgardia project, basically being like Age of Empires wherein your builds `evolve` to bigger and better versions.You can sign up for any tree, each one containing three phases, and completing it (and passing review) you`ll get a title for that tree line.For each three trees there is a theme, so having all 9 spots filled in grants an overall title.

Totalling all this there are 4 categories, so if you complete all 12 lines, being 36 MoC builds, you get a tag line for display on your profile.Now tags is quite a feat, as there are only spaces for 4 when you are a regular member.

The categories are:

Military: completed all subcategories, earned title: Rigr(commander of 100 men)

ARCHERY: 1st Phase; fieldwith archery target. 2nd Phase; archery range. 3rd Phase; school of archers, maybe barrack style. Earned title: Eagle Eyed Danger

BARRACK: 1st Phase; sparring. 2nd Phase; training grounds. 3rd Phase; full barrack. Earned title: Frost Berserker

STABLES:1st Phase; horse rider. 2nd Phase; stable. 3rd Phase; fortified stables. Earned title: Shadow Rider

Agriculture: completed all subcategories, earned title: Agrarian

MILLS: 1st Phase; horse mill. 2nd Phase, water mill. 3rd Phase windmill.Earned title: Miller

FARM: 1st Phase; villager with just a garden. 2nd Phase; field with crops. 3rd Phase; farm with field, animals etc. Earned title: Farmer

STOREHOUSE:1st Phase; simple cabin. 2nd Phase; medium storehouse. 3rd phase, large storehouse. Earned title: Manager

Town: completed all subcategories, earned title: Lord Mayor

HOUSE: 1st Phase; hut. 2nd Phase, small house. 3rd Phase, large house. Earned titles: Gentlefolk

INN: 1st Phase; ale seller. 2nd Phase: beer garden. 3rd Phase; completed inn. Earned title: Innkeeper

STORE: 1st Phase; market cart. 2nd Phase; market stall. 3rd Phase; store. Earned title: Vendour

Defenses: completed all subcategories: Strategic Heavy Weight

TOWER: 1st Phase, outpost. 2nd Phase, wooden tower. 3rd Phase stone tower. Erned title: Watchmen

WALLS: 1st Phase, fencing. 2nd Phase, wooden wall. 3rd Ptone wall:Earned title: Protector

GATEHOUSE: 1st Phase, simple gate. 2nd Phase, defended gate. 3rd Phase Gatehouse(with oil, archers etc.) Erned title: Gatekeeper

My first MoC attempt is a small cabin for the Storehouse category, as no-one seems to have already begun in that line, most picking apparently Military (heck, they are Vikings after all...).

Store, Farm ad Barracks are also on my `picking` list, but I`m going to try and build focussed more or less and not get twenty odd projects halfway done.And so I can also attend guild challenge builds after all.

So here it is, together with the bit of fluff I wrote for it.

Catarina didn`t like this a bit.A job as a manager she had been promised.Lots of traffic and food to be stored to help the people of Mitgardia during the harshest of winters.It all sounded so noble and so good, but reality was a cruel lover.

She found herself managing a small cabin, barely big enough to store all the food for a small hamlet, let alone a village.The winds raged through the cabin by the poles used as a back wall, it was small, moist and dark, at least the smoked fish would feel at home in there...

"More then I" she thought as she poured herself another cup of wine.

These pictures show the `hows` I went to work.Not to bad for a very first real build in like 20 years I think, picture two shows how the pole backside was done, while picture 3 shows the elevation angle.The idea is for phase 2 to use the `core` of the cabin as the entrance for the medium storehouse, and build on a 16 by 16 plate or so.More of that in due time, if this one gets the pass and build can continue.

Now to get my hands on a lot of brown bricks, I got still some 15 euro of credit on my VIP card which will start to `dissipate` around february, so I think I`m up for a trip to the P-a-B wall now in the Lego store Antwerp.

But now, off I go on a holiday weekend, until monday, may all your bricks be falling rightly
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