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Machine Doll wa Kizutsukanai episode 7

Did someone call for an ass kicking? Post 4? I think so. There will be 6 posts this lovely Sunday. I was aiming for 8 but that might have been a little silly. I haven't even gone through all the cute Duffy pics. XX So much Duffy. Anime is on the agenda now so have Machine Doll wa Kizutsukanai episode 7. Spoilers for this episode include Raishin being infected with the T-Virus and being renamed Alice. Sad little flashback before the sister was killed. :( Episode Summary: Yaya continues to scream as a broken Raishin crashes to the ground. Loki doesn't attack any further and Raishin is taken to the clinic. He is being operated on and it is commented how close major organs were to the strike zone. It is probably because Loki stopped the attack midstream once he saw Raishin step in to take the blow. Shock shock how could someone have that much control of magic? Surely something is afoot. Soon that little fact is forgot as Charlotte stays up all night even though she doesn't care about Raishin. Yaya takes the time to pray to gods she doesn't know/doesn't believe in to make sure Raishin is okay. Why she would be okay with Raishin being with another girl if he would survive. Surely she is insane. Frey is also praying but Loki comes by and is generally a butt head. He pretends not to care about Raishin and tells Frey to drop of out the Evening Party. Frey says her whole life she has spent living in his shadows because he was the best at everything. But now that she has something she wants to protect she has to step out of those shadows. Loki frowns at her new found independence. Loki is visited by "Father" who is upset that Loki didn't make the kill shot on Raishin. Because killing someone at Evening Party would mean disqualification? "Father" then is like destroy Frey tomorrow. Fast forward to the next night when it is Frey verses Loki. The battle begins and surprise Rabbi's one attack is no match for Loki and his robot. Rabbi starts take take on a lot of damage. Frey gets upset and poof Frey starts randomly bleeding. Her blood gets sucked into Rabbi and he turns into a bigger dog with slightly better attacks. Loki's doll has to work slightly harder to protect him. Charlotte seems to be the only one concerned with Frey's cries as she is bleeding to death. She goes to help but Kimberly is like you know your place, you haven't been called to the field. Um you okay Frey?! Raishin then appears because he is awesome. Loki and Raishin then fight about how to best save Frey. Loki wants to kill Rabbi while Raishin wants to save them both. There is some more fighting and Frey is protected/put unconscious whole all this amazing Thrust and what not is going on. After all is said and done Raishin is able to take out Rabbi without killing him. Both are rushed to the clinic where Shouko's mad skills as a doll maker are put to the test to fix Rabbi. After some talk and work Shouko goes to tell Raishin Rabbi has the slightest chance of surviving. He is grateful and Shouko is satisfied as she removed the circuit she wanted in the first place. She then tells Raishin that Frey is the one who went out of control, not Rabbi. That the Chosen Children are picked for their magical mana output capabilities but besides cloning and kidnapping they also put circuits inside kids. Frey's is in her heart and it was her connection to Rabbi that made her go crazy. All for nothing as she lost so the dogs will be dismantled. Raishin is like I will stop this director dude. Shouko is like um no you have zero chance of winning against him. Charlotte begs him not to go either. Still Raishin takes Yaya ans invisibly goes to the orphanage. When they get there all the dog cages are empty. Something alerts the guard so Raishin and Yaya try to escape only they run into...Loki? Um hello? THE END!! To rescue more people DUH. This show is slightly weird. I don't want to say unrealistic as it does involve magic and robots. But there are other factors to play that make me go hmmmmm. But I guess I should be happy that everyone kept their clothes on..... ...Raishin is looking pretty dead so you still might buddy. My biggest problems is this Evening Party baloney. Maybe it is my fault, for assuming in my head how it was going to go. But I would like to think I am not a total more and it is really the show's fault for the lack of explanation. I mean...I joked that that I thought it was going to be like the Hunger Games. I didn't think it was going to be that insane. But I did expect a closed off area that you couldn't leave. I mean Raishin said he wanted to hide out, avoid battles. Kimberly said that was only an option for higher ranked people. Well it looks like that won't work either. This is more like Pokemon battles to me. Everyone fights at a certain time each night. No hiding or using anything else as strategy. So the higher ranks are just going to not show up until they have to. I don't know, now I am confusing myself. Maybe I did think they were going to get locked into a giant building one at a time and duke it out. Now that it's like this I am just disappointed and confused. Well since everyone else has a ban doll I don't think this is a big deal. I mean what was going to happen to Raishin if he didn't fight the next day? Was he going to be disqualified? That wasn't even mentioned. But Kimberly said all low rank people have to fight one hour a day. Makes no sense right? Although at the beginning of the series Kimberly was very blase about people maybe dying when in fact death means disqualification for both. You know because one person is dead. But the other person is kicked out. So it's not like this is a viable strategy like I thought it could be. So Raishin nearly died but Loki stopped. Not because he cares about Raishin but because he doesn't want to be disqualified. But Raishin was pretty hurt so why wasn't there worry about Raishin being kicked out? No idea. I need a set of rules to look at. This show needs to explain things better instead of just bits and pieces at a time. Psht it is a flesh wound! Okay. So Loki attacks Raishin, Raishin is super injured, and the battle is over for the night. Not much of a battle. Maybe it will last longer when there are more people. So the unbelievable part of this series is Raishin isn't dead. He has been at the school for a weekish but has gotten hurt like every other day. Some injuries worse than others. But yeah how is this kid moving? I know there is magic in this world but not that kind it seems. Maybe I don't know since nothing is explained. I know he directs a lot of magic towards Yaya but maybe she can shut down slightly so Raishin can heal? You know in months because if my lungs and heart were nearly hit by a sword I would be in bed for 10 months, not 10 hours. Amazing prayers indeed. While Raishin was almost dead and Kimberly/Shouko were wondering Raishin's fate...several people were worried. Because Yaya is people ya'll. So...Yaya's prayer was kinda special. But I guess that is because she herself is special. Dear gods please heal Raishin and I won't go crazy when ladies breath the same air as Raishin or stand hear him. I won't lose my mind if he gets a girlfriend. Amen. What would happen to Yaya is he died though? Physically I mean. Emotionally she would be a mess since she is so human like. Would Shouko simply take her back or are robots bound to masters for life? Probably not..even though robots probably don't outlive their masters often. Maybe. Accept my love NOW! Charlotte was also very upset that Raishin was nearly killed...again. They have bonded a lot in this last week. He is going to need a lot more talismans. At least Raishin has a friend. Charlotte is a bit in denial on why she is worried. Oh you typical anime types. Aren't you attractive? XD How can people fall asleep all over the place? Hard wooden benches indeed. Also if Raishin is new to the school and is getting sneak attacked why isn't anyone doing that to Charlotte? She was all vulnerable in the hallway, someone could have taken out big competition. But no, that would make sense. Silly rushed animes. Um...have you seen an angry Yaya? While Raishin was touch and go other things were happening in this episode. Loki went to talk to "Father". Now it will probably come out that Loki was just trying to save his sister and blah blah, he hates Father too. But for now he seems rather...well special. I was going to say emotionless but when he is around Raisin the emotions fly. Insults anyway. Father wasn't really buying what Loki was selling. Loki was ranked 7th (so I didn't lose my mind) and he dropped down on purpose. Because you can do that folks. I mean maybe it doesn't make sense to me either. Loki wants to win. He wants to protect Frey. Raishin seems to want to be nice to Frey. But he has his own agenda. So why drop down in ranks when Frey would eventually be taken out? Hopefully by Raishin who would be nice about it. I mean what was the reasoning? To get Raishin out of the competition early and take Frey out his own way? And then what, battle the rest of the crowd? Top 7 is a great chance to win and take the pressure off Frey. Spot 99th......yeah that is crazy. I stand on my own and protect beating you! Loki also tried to get Frey to quit by making her feel bad. Didn't work. Yes be a bully/martyr for the team. Probably was mad Frey cared about Raishin. Like I am doing this for you. Also he is probably upset because this is the first time Frey has done anything for herself. Growing up was was a weanie. Not good at anything. Loki was the best at everything so Frey hide behind Loki, allowing him to take the lead. Now she wants to protect something (someones) and she can't do that behind Loki. Now if the end of the episode is accurate I bet Loki was always planning on saving the dogs. Frey doesn't know that. She will fight even though "Father" and company have already picked Loki and his robot. Communication is hard people. Wai my insults didn't work. Guess I will have to kick your ass instead. The show must go on at the Pokemon Stadium without Raishin. Gather around fellow students. Surely there is no danger. Sibling battles in a super boring arena. Mortal Kombat. Poor Rabbi. He doesn't seem to be that great in combat. A one trick pony. You can trick something out to death but if it's an inferior product it won't ever be the best. Rabbi just isn't that great. Frey was really trying though. Good job Frey. Loki was attempting to take out Rabbi. Like if he killed him so be it. Harsh, that would break Frey's heart. Yo momma is the fool! Things go slightly interesting. Charlotte attempting to help and that was a bit special. The rules apply now and obviously Ms. Top student can't help. Nope nope, only one person can help Frey and he is unconscious, practically dead. So no one can help Frey. :( Oh wait!! It's Raishin!!! He has arrived to save the day!! Because he can heal that fast. He is here to save Frey. Him. Not Loki. Loki is bad. Wait Loki is going to save Frey. Shut up. You shut up. No you shut up. I AM THE HERO!!! Can hommie get a rescue here please? Well someone better save Frey. Because um Rabbi is growing and glowing and Frey is all over the place. Rabbi is sucking up all her blood from a super attack or...something. Enough personal fighting and rescue Frey. Because Raishin knows best. He can save both of them. It's impossible Loki says. But Raishin is the main character. He can do this folks. By um....almost killing himself and almost Rabbi. I mean I guess it was a miracle that Raishin didn't kill Rabbi. Despite being hurt Yaya was fine. She and Loki's robot could have taken out Rabbi even though he was super powered up. Wait why salt? XX As it stands Raishin ended the battle with no deaths. Rabbi and Frey were rushed to the doctors as robots are people too. Shouko is still on campus because...she is. She has nothing better to do than make sure Raishin does her bidding. Even though he doesn't. Why is this allowed again? For a super important school they are lax on rules. But as Shouko is the best doll maker ever this ends well. Because there is no other engineer on campus. She maybe saves Rabbi's life AND gets the circuit she wanted. Two birds, one stone ya'll. Shouko might have picked Raishin because he was desperate but it doesn't look like she can control him that well. Well I am sure that makes sense..... Shouko made the grave mistake of explaining Frey's situation to Raishin. Because it was totally his business. Rabbi was not breaking down or going berserk. Frey did. Glad they explained it or else I wouldn't have known. It turns out that being a Chosen Child or whatever doesn't stop at test tube babies or cloning. No no, there is more to the facility than dead parents and broken dreams. Some children are given mechanical circuits too so they can either better control their magic or have more magic. Frey is a "success" story as she is not dead but this is slowly killing her and is dangerous. Oh and apparently it will eventually mechanicalize all of her? I don't know. I am here to kick ass...again. Being that Raishin is Raishin he couldn't just take this news lying down. Even though he seriously needs to lay down before he died. Despite Charlotte and Shouko telling Raishin to stay back off he went to the orphanage. With Frey's failure it is likely the dogs will be destroyed. No need to keep trying right? Well Raishin is going to save everything (well not Magnus) and off he goes. He uses his super secret invisibility on Yaya and off they go to rescue the dogs that would have made a lot of noise and given away their position. Raishin learns all the cages are empty and he is caught anyway by guards that are a lot smarter than the last ones. Leading the Loki? Did he rescue the dogs and this fight is a cover up? Probably. Guess I will find out next time right?
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