Monday, December 30, 2013

List of gratitude 2013

As we're approaching year end very soon .here's my post of gratitude over the past eleven months.

Not only to exercise gratitude to remind myself what were my achievements and disappointments its good to recap and as well as to witness that God is always faithful, He always be with me during my good times and bad times. Amen.

Here was my

Recap and review:


* Eat healthily :-D

* Exercise at least once a week: June- October I always exercise twice a week. Nov not really that intense because I busy studied. Dec is the worst.

* I sleep at least 7 hours a day, not 8 hours. So difficult to sleep especially when catching up The Walking Dead and Vampire Diaries. :-D Haiz...

* I'm taking vit C (GNC one, 1000MG) every morning. If in the late afternoon, my energy level down, I pop out another tablet for a booster.

* Medical check-up done in October. All favourably results, except one thing, that one I don't want to talk about it now. Oh ya my cholesterol level shot up coz I'm taking Accutane. I think now ok already (amen).* Salary increment: I've come to a term that no matter big or small my salary increment, I will never satisfy. Hence next year resolutions, in this area, I will commit unto God, He will provide me no matter how big or small and high or low the increment is. HE WILL PROVIDE ME. AMEN.

* Career Enhancement: Did some advance excel training (COMAT), finished but didn't pass the exam. Nvm, at least I have 1 certificate, hehehe.

* Anger management: Ok, this area, I completely failed BIG time. Now I admit I addicted to say bad words and scold people. Many things happened and it's seriously, unavoidable. I really don't like the feeling of being blamed or scolded or complained, because of other people's mistakes. It's like what!? I am, really, seriously struggling to stay positive in office. I kept telling myself to ignore other people's sarcastic comments. Stop feeding the negativity. And just do work. 6pm knock off. Constantly struggling. Lord, I need help!


* All completely failed BIG time. I didn't tithing, I didn't read books, I didn't attend discussion. I complaint BIG and LOTS of time. There was one period of time I rather skip church activity and do my own shit. But now I slowly sliding back to God. Very tired hor become Christian.

* On the contrary, now I can pray in English and slowly, maybe I can do some contribution to the community.


* enrolled and studied and bleed and passed the exam! Yippie! I'm a survivor of Advance Course now! :-D

Relationship/ family.

* HK trip- the posts will be on January.

* Keep in touch with Jakarta family. I did balik kampung once a year and sometime facetime/ call my mom to update.


* Hydrates: I drink tons of water ok? Camel camel .

* Ok, I cannot take collagen because it breaks me out (face and pocket .literally) so I stopped. Middle of this year I took Accutane and I'm good now Thanks Obagi and Accutane!

* Another 1 more year of my braces journey. I will be cool by next Oct hehehe!

More achievements:

* Not only travel to HK, I managed to get holidays 4 times! April went to Japan, July went to Jakarta, October went to Bandung, and Dec went to Hongkong. Meaning to say, I've visited Disneyland two times in a year! ;-D

* Catchlive concert on March

* Boughton March

* Donate blood for the very first time. .

* Boughttote bag (and also purse, soon soon soon :-D ) The wisest shopping that I've ever done so far. Coz I used Taka voucher and paid few bucks by cash.

* Middle of this year, my face breaks out pretty badly. No matter how much I tried to clear it, tons of treatments topically but it still breaks out. So I decided to go to derma to cure permanently. Within 3 months, it improved tremendously and as I'm writing this, I'm on maintenance phase and still going on's the .

* CatchIt was so magical!

* Firstin 2013. Finished 10km without dying!

* Educate Giselle to behave well. No shout No beat. I try to control myself and always telling her gently and softly, even when she's fault. Big or small. It's still fault. Instead of going berserk, kids need to be told gently. Believe me, it will work like magic, rather than shouting lose your cool in front of your kidsAnyway, she will be P1 student next year how fast time flies!

Ok, that's that! Till next year!

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