Thursday, December 26, 2013

Review: Hair Graffiti AKA Hair Chalk

Happy December!! For the festive months, I decided that I wanted to make my hair a bit more interesting, give it some puhzaz. So, before I could change my mind, I dyed half of my dark-brown-nearly-black hair, blonde. Then, three weeks later, I thought "stuff it, I'm going to go blonde," which I ended up doing and don't regret it. A day later, I saw a picture of Katy Perry's hair when she went through that stage with the bright highlights and really liked it. I went out to Price Attack, this beauty shop at the local Westfield and bought a 12 pack of colour chalk for $13. That night, knowing that I wasn't actually making a huge commitment, I went a bit berserk and used most of the colours on my newly dyed hair.I was torn between the blue and the pink, but pink won out because 1) it looked pretty bloody good and 2) pink is my favourite colour!

Anyway, my excuse for buying hair chalk was that I was going to review it. I know a lot of people are reserved about trying it because they don't know if it will actually wash out. I'm going to answer some questions that I know a lot of people have and explain how to use hair chalk as well as review it in this post, so do not fear!

This was what the box looked like, and I did have my reservations, but it was on sale so I thought I'd grab some.

So this is around 13 hours after I applied the chalk. It lasts pretty well. I used the colour 'Showgirl Pink' and what you have to do is get the piece of hair that you want to colour, dampen it, and then get a piece of chalk and basically colour in your hair. I chose to colour the tips of my hair!

A tip would be to not wear expensive or light coloured clothes when applying the hair chalk. Also, to lock in the colour, wait until your hair is dry and then try and put some heat on it. I've also found that if you do put the chalk on and just leave it, it can make your hair feel a bit matted and gross, so what I do is separate the strands gently so that they aren't clumped together.

It does take 1-4 washes to fully go, and it does say that on the box, but it depends on many things,1) how well you wash your hair2) the amount of hair chalk you use3) what colour you useEtc etc.

All in all, I really liked it! If you do it correctly it turns out really well and it's a fun, non committal way to just experiment with different hair colours! I wore it to a few concerts and movies and you can even just wear it on a normal day to spice up your hair a bit!
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