Thursday, December 19, 2013

Manga Review: Are You Alice?, Volume 2


The Duke--a warped mass that collects the abandoned stories and regrets of individuals in Wonderland--goes berserk in the town square, not far from where Alice and Hatter have traveled on an errand. In its frenzied state, the Duke wants nothing more than to have Alice all to itself. But when an overconfident Alice decides to ignore Hatter's commands and give the Duke what it wants, little does Alice expect to be eaten and, upon opening his eyes, find himself looking at his older sister over the barrel of a gun!



PLOT: A lot manga tend to pick up after the second volume. That's why I decided to give Are You Alice? another shot despite not enjoying the first volume very much. I'm sad to say it doesn't get any better. Reading the second volume just made me more aware of how ridiculous everything was. The Cheshire Cat, a human with cat ears, is a pet to the Duchess girl. The Queen of Hearts is a man. The whole idea that no one in Wonderland is allowed (or supposed?) to look back and regret was very confusing. Everything about the manga is ridiculous. If the author is trying to make the whole thing seem surreal like Alice in Wonderland, she did a poor job. The story is ludicrous and only surreal in the most cheap way you can think of. More light will probably be shed on the mysteries of the series, but I don't feel like torturing myself to find out more. I think this series is so bad because it's based off a - manga based off anime or are pretty bad and have generic artwork.

MAIN CHARACTER: Alice is bland as ever. I thought it could get interesting because the summary mentions his older sister, but his past was jumble of a mess that I didn't really care about. Granted, only pieces were revealed, but I'm not interested to learn more.

OTHER CHARACTERS: The other characters were irritating because all they had going for them were their ridiculous designs and one annoying personality trait. I especially hated the Cheshire Cat. He probably plays an important role that is yet to be revealed, but it felt like he only popped in at random times to be annoying. These have to be some of the most poorly constructed characters I've ever seen.

ART: The art is generic and I continue to loathe the character designs. I hate people with animal tails and ears in manga/anime and can never take them seriously.

OVERALL: (1/5) I'm dropping this series. I tried to give it another chance with this volume, but it didn't get better. I just saw more of the blandness of the main character, the generic artwork, the ridiculous plot and world, and how irritating the rest of the characters can be. I don't recommend this manga series, it was very difficult for me to get into.
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