Sunday, December 22, 2013

12 Days of Anime #6

For the longest time I did not exactly feel like buying anime DVDs. I mean, I am a huge consumer of the medium and France just happens to have a great offer (which became even greater recently) which is also mostly free. Not everything is obviously or else I do not know how they'd survive but once you get the hang of it, it is possible to get your fix free of charges. Except with one offer.

The topic is not that though. While I could have done a post on how the French version of changed my life, which I could do (should I?) I am going to talk about how the discovery of collector versions changed my life.

Collector versions are a rare thing actually. A few editors do it with a few series, and most of it are not collector enough to make me want them.

There is also the issue of what series get their collector versions and which does not.

Over the few years I was into anime only one caught my eyes before and it was . That one actually came with an exclusive figure.

And suddenly this year, things changed. I honestly do not understand what the hell came through the head of the editors, not that I mind, but suddenly were are almost buried under collector versions.

is getting one. The Berserk movies are getting one. Nadia is getting one. is getting one. (This one is overpriced though and we do not know yet what is in it so not getting it. For now at least.) Garden of Words is getting one.

And, the one that sprung this article into motion, the movie of Blue Exorcist, is getting one.

The same one that was released in Japan.

First, I was surprised we were getting the movie. I was surprised we were already getting the movie.

Then I saw the collector version and I fell in love. I am not even that into the series, the story is nothing special at all. But thing is: I am in love with the art.

That is why when they said the word "artbook" my wallet moved on its own.

That collector version is not flashy, it comes in quite a small box. The two artbooks we get are small sized.

But it would seem that the outside size is not a good indicator of the quality inside. Because these two artbooks are gorgeous. And the price is perfectly fair, the movie (DVD and Blu-Ray), with three postcards and two artbooks, costs as much as an actual artbook.

The sad thing is that now I think that my wallet is going to move on its own whenever we're going to see "collector version" somewhere.

In the end, the saddest thing of it all, is that I haven't taken a glance at the French version of the movie. I couldn't even tell you if it has been dubbed or not

On the other hand I went through the artbooks a dozen times at least.

I don't even fell bad.


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